Mushoku Tensei Episode 15 Fanservice Review

We have an episode packed full of Eris, so get ready.

There isn’t too much to talk about here, aside from revealing a bit of Ghislaine’s past and moving the plot past the beast village, but that just makes things better if you’re just here for service right?

I think it’s likely some of these foreground splashes will be removed on the BD release, but it’s probably not worth getting excited about. I doubt anything significant will be added to this particular scene, but it does have at least some potential.

I’m a bit suspicious of this particular frame, because it could just be my video player that gives the illusion that there’s some kind of nipple bump from a glance. If you look closely, there looks like there could be something there that may have been colored strangely, but maybe I’m just seeing what I want to see.

Thought there was potential for something here, but I’m probably mistaken. I can’t seem to edit the foreground mist here well enough to give this a clear shot, and the muted brownish color filter used in this whole scene makes any attempt to change the color values produce a disgusting brown haze as seen above.


I tend to go a bit overboard on any fog scene I see that has any kind of potential. This probably doesn’t have any but I did it anyway. The hand placement isn’t too restrictive, but I doubt any nudity will be added here.

Rudy is caught peeping on Eris and some of the village girls. He is unfortunately caught by Gyes and forced to apologize, and the girls look on in disgust.


Eris is getting along well with some of the village girls. Gyes sees the ring on Eris’s finger and asks where she got it from. When the name Ghislaine is mentioned, the room grows quiet, and Gyes claims she abandoned her duty to protect the Sacred Beast and the tribe before leaving in disgust, but Eris moves to confront Gyes.


Eris gets emotional while defending Ghislaine’s honor. Gyes believes in the words of Rudy and Eris when they claim she’s respectable though.


Eris and Gyes’s daughter Tona bond over their dislike of being forced to do something – Eris with studying and Tona with sword practice. After hearing Eris sing the praises of Ghislaine, and probably to sate her curiosity after being told repeatedly to not end up like her, Tona asks Eris to practice the sword with her.

After their practice, it’s mentioned that the rainy season will soon end. Eris is glad and is eager to move on to the next town. Tona however, asks Eris to stay with her in the village forever. When Eris says she can’t because she has a home she must return to, Tona is upset and gives the face seen above.


When Rudy hears that Tona and Eris are fighting seriously, he rushes to break it up. Eris seems to get embarrassed when being handled by Rudy. Tona apologizes to Eris for being selfish, and they all make up.


Gyes asks for a quick sparring match before Eris leaves, so he can be shown what Ghislaine has taught her. They both seem satisfied after a brief scuffle. Afterwards, we’re given a sickeningly sweet Pokemon-esque departure, with the thankful villagers and friends made during the episode waving goodbye to the heroes, they’ll be back to visit, thank you for everything, you’re always welcome back, you know the drill.


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Rudy and the group begin to make their way to the city Millis, and Eris is excited having heard a tale about the city. Rudy and the production studio demonstrate their mastery of subtlety and foreshadowing through Rudy’s statement expressing his outlook on life, that “the point is to live quietly so no dangerous people bother us.”

And after this, the end of the episode. These slower episodes are something I always appreciate, but I can understand the frustration that others express at them, especially given a 12 episode season.

Until then, see you next time.