Mushoku Tensei Episode 16 Fanservice Review

Nearing the halfway point, and the story is primed to pick up the pace from now.

Geese splits from the party before reaching the city, but he seems confident he’ll meet up with Rudy again at some point. Eris also asks Geese to teach her how to cook before he leaves, with the wording implying Eris has been rejected numerous times – the significance of this will be revealed later. After settling in an inn, Rudy decides to stay in the city for a while to earn some money, having heard that jobs in Millis pay well.


As Rudy writes a letter to his father, he spots a kidnapping from outside his window and decides to pursue the kidnappers. He sneaks into their hideout successfully, but his cover is blown when he raises his voice in excitement having found a pair of panties in the crate he was hiding in. He decides to reveal himself wearing the pair on his head, similar to how he wore a pear in season 1.


With only a single glance you can probably tell the bouncing woman above provides the service of the episode. Rudy begins the battle with her and is mesmerized by her athleticism, which naturally emphasizes her impressive assets.


After a brief fight with a man the other kidnappers called “leader,” Rudy and this leader recgonize each other; it is Rudy’s father.


Rudy explains what he’s been doing since the disaster at Paul’s insistence. Rudy’s retelling of his lackadaisical journey fuels the budding rage inside Paul, who is soon to reveal some rather shocking news, but not before harshly criticizing Rudy for not thinking through the full implications of the disaster.


Paul cut’s Rudy’s story short and accuses him of taking it too easy on his adventure back.  Paul begins to angrily push the point that Rudy was a fool for not attempting to write to anyone, or search for other victims of the disaster. Rudy defends himself by claiming he didn’t know where he was or what he was doing, and mentions Eris by claiming he felt he had to at least protect her. At the mention of Eris, Paul asks Rudy if he didn’t write because it would mean that Eris’s family would send guards, which would interfere with their “bonding,” coming very close to accusing Rudy of intentionally concealing any intentions of a quick reunion via letters to make a move on Eris.

This implication seems to be quite shocking to Rudy, but Rudy quickly retorts that Paul shouldn’t lecture anyone on the topic of women. Indicating the micro-bikini fighter girl, he wonders aloud if his Zenith or Lilia know he’s hanging around her. When Paul responds with a no, Rudy says he can fool around with her with impunity, and expects a new baby brother or sister any day, a snide remark that earns him a punch from his father. The situation quickly comes to blows before Rudy’s own sister shoves him aside to break up the fight.

Rudy, dejected, begins leaving but is stopped by the words of Paul, who reveals that everyone in his home village was engulfed in the teleportation disaster, including his mother Zenith, half-sister Aisha born from Lilia, and his childhood friend Sylphiette. He also reveals the “kidnappers” are actually a search and rescue squad dedicated to finding the victims of the teleportation. The “kidnapping” is rescuing those who have been enslaved.


Paul says he was sure Rudy would have realized what was happening and begin helping the victims, but is disappointed now knowing that his son was simply adventuring with hardly a care in the world. These words have quite the impact on Rudy, and the looks of disapproval from the members of this search and rescue squad remind him of similar looks of scorn and disgust from his own admittedly pathetic life prior to his reincarnation.


Eris once again demonstrates the depths of her dedication and affection (not only romantic) for Rudy. Immediately sensing something wrong with Rudy, she angrily demands to know who caused him his sour and depressed mood. After implying his father is at fault, she nearly storms out to confront Paul but is stopped by Ruijerd, who says that she shouldn’t interfere with this family affair, and that what she can do is comfort him.


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Eris does exactly that by doing her best to help Rudy in his crisis. Her growing maturity is expressed in this scene in confronting a situation that cannot be solved by her rage, and through awkwardly embracing Rudy, the need to grow and tame the emotions that will soon challenge her as well.

I’d call this a fairly tame episode even with the micro bikini girl, but I’m not complaining. There are still many more weeks to look forward to before this season is over.

Until then, see you next time.