Mushoku Tensei Episode 17&18 Fanservice Review

Episode 17 was very low on anything service, so I combined it with Episode 18. We do have some good news if things pan out though, read on.

18 is low on content pertaining to this site as well, but any fan of Roxy should be pleased.

Episode 17:

We have a flashback here of Paul and his journey shortly after the teleportation incident. The stress he endures takes its toll on his physical well being and is notably reflected in his haggard appearance.


Geese catches up with Paul at the inn and they discuss Rudy. Geese defends Rudy from Paul’s accusations last episode by reasoning that he’s a child, and that he’d done well for surviving a journey through the Demon Continent which Paul could not have done at Rudeus’s age. Geese pushes Paul to reconcile with Rudy, admonishing him for his scolding, and to rejoice that Rudy did not return a broken man.


After returning home, Paul hallucinates Rudy as a healthy child celebrating Norn, then as a grievously wounded amputee wallowing on the floor of his room, prompting Paul to clear his head by dousing himself outside with cold well water. This, as well as his conversation with Geese earlier, galvanizes Paul to meet up with Rudy the next day.


Level headed as always, Eris reacts with rage at Paul’s entrance, confronting him on his actions that led to Rudy’s despondent behavior last episode. She is quickly dealth with by Ruijerd, who, while escorting her out, offers some advice to Paul.


Seeing Paul wear a very particular facial expression reminds Rudy of a rather tragic moment in his previous life. In an effort to avoid the same mistake he made in that past life, he reconciles with Paul and accepts blame for his actions.


The episode ends with Rudy moving on with the intention of finding the rest of his family.


Episode 18

Another fairly tame episode. There’s a good chance that will change with the BD release though; read on to find out why.

The trio meet a number of strangers on the road who wish to spar with Ruijerd. These men have no chance and are left pummeled on the ground, but each receives a statue of Ruijerd as a consolation.


The journey via ship to the Central Continent is a miserable experience for Eris and Rudy. Fortunately their role in the episode is brief, as the focus is shifted to Roxy and her journey.


Roxy’s thighs are emphasized yet again in one of the few service related shots we’ve had these past two episodes. Here Roxy is reminiscing with an old party member and reflecting on their past experiences and their growth from then: also reminiscent is the nature of this conversation. Her old party member Nokopara suggests Roxy reconcile with her family after realizing she has not done so.


Roxy returns to her home village and is distressed at her reception – some of the villagers give her the same look as they do to outsiders. Despite her internal monologue mentioning her dislike of her home, and noting it as the beginning of her feelings of loneliness and outcast nature she does take the time to heal a minor injury a child incurs.


The sight of Mama Roxy weeping and the memories of of her childhood instigated by a childhood doll reduces Roxy to a crying mess, but in so doing is able to reconcile with her family.


Roxy’s parents recall their meeting with Rudy, Eris, and Ruijerd. Unaware of Ruijerd’s true nature, she is horrified knowing that he is traveling with a Superd.


Something interesting to note here, (credit to IHaveNoName for sharing this, and major credit to the Anon from a certain image board for finding and posting this) a tweet from a supposed animator of the above scene:

Roxy again walks in on Elina doing what she does best. What I find most interesting is the original tweet mentioning “along with others.” Is he implying there are more scenes beyond this one and the one in episode 13? I predicted that Elina’s scene in episode 13 was an obvious candidate for a BD expansion, but unlike the scene in 13, this scene showed nothing at all and was cut away rather rapidly. Perhaps it was even more explicit and scandalous? We won’t know until the screencaps and webm’s show up after the BD releases. If they’re as explicit as I hope, the scene at the end of Volume 6 I’m hoping is included in this season could actually be a thing.


Webm Album

As for the plot, Roxy surmises that the infamous Dead End group is actually Rudeus, Ruijerd, and Eris. After leaving the city, Roxy plans to search the northern cities for Rudy’s family. Elina wonders aloud if Roxy is alright with abandoning her search for Rudy, but responds by saying that she’s satisfied knowing Rudy is safe, confident knowing that she will meet him again.

We are officially past the halfway point, even with the recent news that an additional unaired episode will be bundled with the 4th BD. March 10th is months away however, and we still have 5 weeks of Mushoku Tensei to go. I hope you’ll be here with me.

Until then, see you next time.