Peter Grill gets a second season


Running from more women.


Finally an ecchi show that ended on a “to be continued” has finally delivered on that promise with the announcement today that Peter Grill will be getting a second season. The 9th volume of the manga released today and coincided with the announcement. No pv or anything like that has been shown yet but the official site does have some details in it’s announcement.

Here is a google translate of it.

So it looks like season 2 will cover the goblin arc, the dwarf arc and the stuff with peter’s little sister showing up. The first season covered up through volume 1-3 so chances are season 2 will cover 4-6. Though since an elf arc starts in 6 and lasts through volume 7 they might include that as well.

Here are some pics from the volumes that the anime will potentially cover to get an idea of what to expect. Remember the manga is non nude but the anime added nudity which we can expect to be the same case with season 2.



We will probably get details on what season it will air and other such things later on either this year or next. One thing that will be really interesting to see is if they will take any influence from other shows that have aired in the time since season 1. IR aired about half a year before Peter Grill and the BDs were not released till just a few months before Peter Grill aired. In other words the success of stuff like IR was not fully felt or proven yet so Peter Grill season 1 was made without that influence or knowledge.

Then half a year after Peter Grill we got Healer which took things even further and Healer sold fairly well also. So the question is will season 2 try to take any cues from IR and Healer in terms of content? The sex in the Peter Grill manga is off screen generally and we never really see it and as expected they kept it that way in season 1. Will they still do that in season 2 or will they take examples from IR and Healer and make it on screen? After all they added nudity the manga didn’t have into the anime so adding something not shown in the manga they have shown a willingness to do. With IR and Healer and upcoming World’s End Harem and probably Isekai Meikyuu next year and even stuff like¬†Mushoku Tensei willing to have on screen sex the environment is slowly starting to change making it more acceptable. Just wishful thinking right now but really would be nice if they go all out with season 2 and add on screen sex scenes now that other shows have broken the ice more. Also remember the show had hentai staff working on it for season 1 which will be the same for season 2 probably as the director was said to be the same as season 1 according to the official twitter.

Until then can only wait till more news is given. My guess is either spring or winter might be the season it airs. Though they might end up waiting till summer in order for it to be 2 years since season 1. If it ends up being winter they will need to release a pv soon and other details as winter season hype is about to start for shows. If a month goes by and still nothing then I would guess spring then or worse case summer. It will most likely only be a 15 minute show like season 1 so that will cut down on production time some so it should hopefully be sooner than other shows that take a year or more to air after announcement.


It’s been 5 months since my last post. Had nothing to do since isekai 2 ended and the uncensored episodes were so minimal there was no point in doing a post on them. Looks like I’ll finally have a show to cover again now. I should find random things to do posts on just so I don’t forget how to do them.