World’s End Harem delayed til next season

Well well FML… I don’t think I’ve quite seen a situation quite like this before.



This appears to be a reaction by the broadcasters to the adult content of the series.  What is interesting though is that even after the delay was announced, the show still aired the first episode anyway just a few hours later.  And that episode had nudity on AT-X.

This isn’t the first time an ecchi series got in some hot water with networks and distributors.  Ishuzoku Reviewers was pulled from several networks in Japan after episode three, and the series was (in)famously dropped by Funimation as well.  Something similar happened with Majikoi many years ago as well, though it was apparently with only one broadcaster.


Technically, I can’t prove this is the case here, but it seems overwhelmingly likely for many reasons.  The show is very heavy in adult content and sex scenes, while playing at an “early” time slot, and like the cases before, the networks didn’t know what to expect until right as it was airing.  The phrase “scrutinize the expression” seems to have lost something in translation, but it’s pretty clear the show is being reviewed for content, and that this will require major changes that can’t happen this season.

It’s worth noting too that this show was pretty ambitious, it was going to have a ton of sex scenes on BD with added content similar to Testament, and while doing this at an earlier time slot, it’s not surprising that issues came up.  I just don’t know if I’ve ever seen a show delay a season AFTER it airs the first episode though.


Most likely, this delay will result in one of two outcomes (or maybe both):

  1. The show will be censored dramatically to please the networks and production partners.  In a worst case, it could be a Val x Love situation (though I kinda doubt it).
  2. The show will just simply move to a later time slot where this kind of content is less unheard of.  Since the Fall season has already started, it’s unlikely this could have been done without waiting til next season.


Maybe it’s just me being an optimist, but my hunch is that it will be more of the second outcome than the first.  Really, there is no point in doing an anime like this without the sex and fanservice, human reproduction is at the very core of the story.  However, if this show is announced for Winter while still being in the early time slot, I’ll be a bit worried.

That said, if the show drops the sex but still keeps the casual nudity, then I’d personally be just fine with that.  I just hope they don’t completely fuck this up.  What does comfort me a little is that they still went ahead and aired the first episode after making this decision, which would at least appear to signal that nudity isn’t the problem.


It’s also technically possible that the show was just having production issues, but I think that’s very unlikely given the last minute, dramatic nature of this decision, as well as plenty of language that indicates that the show’s content is under review.

Some tweets from the official twitter say directly that changes will be coming, (paraphrasing) “to keep the feeling of the series,” though in reality this is probably the opposite of true.


The first episode did air, and you can watch it.  For a full fanservice review, you can see nylon66’s post on his blog. It looks like whoever is covering this show on Fapservice, whether it is someone else or myself, will be waiting for next season to start coverage.  But I included a few highlight images throughout this news post.

Having watched the episode, it didn’t look like a show that had production issues.  The animation was solid and in particular the “body physics” of the fanservice were impressive.  The nude scenes did feel a little muted though compared to the manga, and also a little shorter.  But they were still there and uncensored, and the body design looks great while being consistent with the manga (something the TV versions of other shows have so often screwed up).  It looks like it would have been a pretty good show, hopefully the next version still is.