World’s End Harem gets announced for Fall 2021 season

Last year, this series was announced and promised a 2021 airing.  It took til the 11th hour, but it ended up keeping that promise after all.



The series will air on multiple networks, including AT-X.  It’s not yet known if AT-X will have an uncensored airing although this seems very likely given that almost every show with nudity has had an uncensored airing the past couple years.  It should also be noted that the censorship style seen in the PV is the same kind of minimal effort foreground censorship you see in shows like High School DxD, and that style of censorship almost never waits until blu-ray.

The World’s End Harem manga is arguably the most spankable manga series to get an anime since the incredible To Love-Ru / Testament / Prison School / Monster Musume year of 2015.  It took a long time for this series to get an anime, but perhaps that is for the best, as today’s current climate of being chill with graphic sex scenes is very different from where it was just a couple years ago.  If they don’t mess this up it could be pretty special.