Dear Fapservice Community,

Our server was taken down almost a month ago due to a misunderstanding over a malware issue. Unfortunately, our hosting company has not provided the promptest of customer service, so this issue has taken far longer than initially anticipated. Things remain in limbo for now.

Even in a worst case, the site will definitely be back, even if we have to switch hosting companies (hopefully it doesn’t come to that). We would have already switched if not for how good this hosting company had been for us previously, it’s a switch we’d REALLY prefer not to have to make. But we will if we have to.

Until that day comes, we recommend you visit the Fapservice Supporters Discord which will post manga compilations and on rare occasion, videos. Your financial support will certainly be helpful to us, especially if a hosting change is in the future (it’s starting to look that way). Supporters can expect regular content updates, and even free users will get access to everything for free at the end of each month. I also plan on covering relevant news and TV recaps over there, until the site comes back online.

Thank you for your patience and support.