Who Are The Cover Girls of Fapservice?

In this post we tackle the most frequently asked question (by far) in the history of this site.


The Background Girls


The site admittedly doesn’t run great on phones, but if you are viewing it on a desktop you should be seeing the background girls on each side of the content area.  Those girls are (clockwise):


Meifon Sakura (Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid)

Meifon loves adventure and loves making an easy buck even more.  She’s constantly scheming and uses her quick thinking to her advantage.  Her eccentric personality and her cute spin on a kansai accent makes her instantly the most likable girl in her series.

Mina Tepes (Dance in the Vampire Bund)

Remember when SHAFT drew nipples?  This series is based off a manga by the same name, drawn by Nozomu Tamaki who is certainly no stranger to erotic art.

Mina is young in appearance but is actually an ancient vampire who can transform from a seemingly harmless loli into a ferocious adult vampire.


Momo Deviluke (To Love-Ru)

Momo is the major driving force in the To Love-Ru harem storyline (particularly in To Love-Ru Darkness), and is probably the most popular harem girl in existence.  Not only is she cute with an amazing body, but her charm and submissive nature make her pretty much the perfect waifu.

Normally in harem stories the girls are competing for a man, but in a twist, Momo actually conspires for the Harem to become AN ACTUAL HAREM- as she sees it as the only viable way she could be with the man she loves (who happens to be betrothed to her sister).


Yuki Nonaka (Shinmai Maou no Testament)

Yuki one of the more prominent members of Basara’s Harem.  As a childhood friend, she’s known him the longest.  Of her harem peers she is the best warrior.  She’s the most athletic harem girl and naturally is the dedicated “ass girl” of the series.  Girls in the show power up via body parts- so her ass is literally a part of the series plot.

Like Momo above she has an appealing mix of softness, submissiveness and sexual aggressiveness, but is unfortunately not given top billing by the MC, at least not yet.


The Thumbnail Girls


There are several section shortcuts at the bottom of each page: one for each year’s archive and three miscellaneous links to AMVs, Manga, and Anime compilations.

Each archived year is represented by a girl that was part of an ecchi series during that specific year (sometimes with the temporary exception of the current year) with a general theme of finding the best “bazoomba” image that year presented in anime form.  I’m personally an ass man that likes smaller tits, but for whatever reason when I tried various different thumbnails or different body types and areas, the giant breasts just simply win out aesthetically.  So I ended up just sticking with that theme.

Each girl was selected really more for her ability to fit this theme, rather than if she was the most iconic girl that year (though there were certainly some iconic selections).


Arresta Blanket (Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan)

Back when I used to have a LOT more free time, I’d release music videos of my compilation projects.  Some people did like them, and I’m not closing the door to them ever happening again, but for now they are on hiatus.  Past videos can be downloaded from this shortcut.

I could have picked almost anyone for this section.  I went with Arresta Blanket form Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan.  The series is an inner-ring Hall of Famer for the ecchi genre, and Arresta is arguably the hottest girl from that series.  She’s kind of a stuck up bitch at times, but she has her good moments too.  More importantly, she’s cute and has a great body- a body that gets played with on numerous occasions.


Sayo Hitsugi (Triage X manga)

For the manga compilations shortcut, I could have picked any of thousands of manga girls.  And quite honestly, there are probably better choices that Sayo.  But this particular colored image from the Triage X manga really caught my eye as fitting with the bazoomba theme, so I ran with it.

Sayo is the most dangerous nurse-assassin in the series, a truly bi-polar character that can be the most gentle lover one minute and dangerously unhinged the next.  Probably not ideal girlfriend material, but her body is quite nice, even by the standards of the incredible artist that drew her.


Haruko Amaya (Maken-Ki!)

It’s quite the honor representing the Fanservice Compilations shortcut.  It’s the most important link on the site and the entire reason for this site existing in the first place.  I could have chosen any of hundreds of girls to show their tits in anime, including hundreds of viable bazoomba candidates.

But ultimately I went with the shower scene from Maken-Ki! season one’s first BD special.  It is maybe the sexiest still shot in ecchi history.  Even with all the alternatives, this was an easy choice to represent the category.



Representing 2013, I choose Roxanne Elipton as she simply fitted the desired aesthetic the best.  There was certainly a lot of competition that year too.  The Fall 2013 season alone had NINE tv anime that would eventually have at least one nipple sighting.  Which is probably the most ever.

While giant boobs aren’t exactly hard to come by in FREEZING, Roxanne was pretty much THE bazoomba girl in season 2.  She was only a minor character in the story, but did some heavy lifting (both literally and figuratively) in terms of fanservice.


Haruka Koumi (Rail Wars!)

Original image

After several years in a row of the ecchi genre being at incredible heights, 2014 was a down year without a lot to show for.  One of the few pleasant surprises that year was the debut of studio Passione, who gave us beautiful girls and nudity in their debut anime- Rail Wars!  Passione would slide back into the shadows for years before re-emerging in more recent times with hits like DxD Hero and Interspecies Reviewers, but Rail Wars was in some ways a promising start for them given the limitations of the source material.

The cutest girl from that show also had the best boobs, so she was an easy choice to represent 2014.


Yuuko Sagiri (Triage X)

It’s hard to represent big boobs in anime without talking about Yuuko Sagiri.  One of the ultimate MILFs in anime, and a badass to boot.  Triage X was one of the last great ecchi efforts by Xebec and Yuuko’s character in particular benefited from their talents.

2015 was a loaded year, and temporarily brought the ecchi genre back into its previous golden age before the real decline settled in later on.  There were a lot of great options that year but even among them, Yuuko stood out.


Chidorigafuchi Aine (Masou Gakuen HxH)

For the remainder of the decade, each year would usually have one or maybe two major ecchi shows, and that would be it.  The major headliner of 2016 was Masou Gakuen HxH, and the best scene involved the main heroine having her breasts exposed and played with by the MC.  For plot purposes, of course.

Aine herself is a forgettable character especially by main character standards, though she does produce a lot of service throughout the anime.


Astaroth (Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai aka Seven Mortal Sins)

2017 was another year with only one major series, the half-decade long awaiting airing of Seven Mortal Sins.  This was an insanely high budget ecchi series that was in production hell forever, and while to some it was a disappointment, it’s hard to deny how good the art was most of the time and just the insane amount of pure boobage this series had.  It’s still one of the very longest fanservice compilations I’ve ever made.

Astaroth is one of the more minor and forgettable characters, and just from this series alone there were dozens of good choices for a thumbnail.  But this image (from a credits sequence) jumped out at me the most.


Nonko Arahabaki (Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san)

This was sadly Xebec’s last hurrah before being sold to Sunrise and at least for the time being vanishing from existence on the ecchi landscape.  It lived up to their lofty standards and made a great compilation.

DxD Hero also aired in 2018 and was a season when every girl grew a cup size.  So there was definitely some stiff competition for this thumbnail.  It was a tough choice but ultimately I felt like Nonko (the last great milf by Xebec) was the most deserving nod.

Like every character in this series, Nonko feels more like a caricature than a character.  With that said, her boob shots are always the highlight of every manga volume release, and her nude scenes in the anime had a similar way of stealing the show.


Unchou Kan’u (Ikkitousen – Western Wolves)

Probably the most iconic girl to get a thumbnail so far.  Even most non-ecchi fans would recognize this (battle) vixen.  She’s been showing us her boobs since the 2000s, and we still aren’t tired of seeing them.

2019 was a really tough year for the genre, especially with the apparent disaster that was the Val x Love anime.

One of the few pleasant surprises that year was the Ikkitousen OVA series that was released early in the year.  It returned the series to its roots in a way that both honored the manga and those original anime series as best as it could.  The production values got a nice boost and the fanservice was refreshingly much more on the nose.  No fucking around, just titties in your face several times an episode.


Emily Orange (Jet Girls)

For the moment, I have a filler image on the 2020 archive.  Jet Girls aired in 2019, so this image will be replaced later- probably by something from Interspecies Reviewers or perhaps Dokyuu Hentai HxEros if we are so lucky to get an uncensored version of it some day.

Emily Orange is the “gal” character from Jet Girls.  She has the friendliest demeanor and the biggest set of boobs.  A worthy stand in for the time being.


The Banner Girls


Lastly, we have the banner girls.  This was a subject already covered here in depth by the banner’s creator, Kranesh.