Shokugeki no Soma Season 1 BD Fanservice Review: Episodes 3 & 4

In this episode, we introduce the petite Megumi!

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(Episode screenshots and webms courtesy of Kay)

Episode 3:

The episode starts off with Megumi recalling her memories, with her 12-year-old self preparing to leave her hometown to attend Totsuki. As she bids her family goodbye, her mother gives her an amulet for good luck. Megumi thanks everyone and vows to come back one day, having grown as a chef. Megumi however soon learns life at the much-vaunted academy isn’t easy at all…

At the school opening ceremony, director Senzaemon begins his speech, and congratulates the students for making it to the High School section. Senzaemon then points at them, telling them that 99% of them are sacrificial in order to polish the remaining 1% gems. He continues his speech telling them the school will mercilessly diminish the number of chefs through the years so that they can be counted on one hand.

Sōma then takes the word as he somehow passed the exam. Sōma introduces himself to the crowd, not really knowing what to say. He reveals he didn’t expect to be admitted to the academy, but doesn’t plan to lose to some bunch that has never stood in front of clients and wants to take the top. As he walks away from the stage, the crowd reacts in anger to his words.

As Sōma reaches the backstage of the podium, he finds Erina waiting there. Erina then asks him why he is at Tōtsuki Academy before Sōma shows her a notification that he passed. Erina believes it was just a mistake and warns him that the top is unreachable for him as everyone in the academy received three years of gifted education in the Middle School section, while she walks away. Sōma responds by telling her he was only three years old the first time he held a knife and thus has twelve years of cooking experience. Sōma then vows to exhaust his cooking to the limits and have Erina say that his food is good.

Episode 4:

Soma, who has apparently been walking for hours, realizes the academy is really huge before eventually finding the dorm that he was looking for. The Polar Star Dormitory, the dorm which he found, looks like a very old building at first sight, and Sōma is not impressed by the dorm at all.

As Sōma enters the dormitory, smoke comes from the lounge. Sōma initially believes the building is on fire, but a voice through the speakers scolds one student for trying smoked food in the lounge again. The voice then scolds other students for misbehaving and breaking dorm rules. Then, a woman appears before Sōma, revealing herself to be the dorm mother and the person behind the voice, Fumio Daimido, also nicknamed the Polar Star’s Maria. Sōma immediately thinks he arrived at a strange place again. She then asks if Sōma was prepared for the skill test, in which Sōma expresses his shock to, having heard none of this.

Being pressured to sleep outside on a freezing April night, Sōma takes the challenge of using leftover ingredients having not prepared for the test from the kitchen and manages to cook an improvised mackerel burger meal. Fumio, impressed by the final product of the dish, gives him the dorm key to his new room. Sōma then stumbles upon Megumi who was bathing at the dorm’s only bathroom at the moment, startling her.

Despite the setback, Sōma manages to take a bath and heads to sleep. Just as he begins reminiscing about his past 15 years, Satoshi appears from the ceiling by taking one tile out from the attic, shocking Sōma. He then invites Sōma to his own welcome party made just for him.


Webms (Courtesy of Kay)

I gotta say that the comedic timing of this show is perfect. A good example being that Isshiki “pipes” scene which was absolutely hilarious.

For those who are unaware, this show puts its credits up early then does some big reveals, so make sure to stick around until it is completely done folks.

Despite the heavy criticisms bombarding this series thus far, I am glad we are getting more animated Shokugeki with the currently airing 5th season. I mean who would say no to more fanservice in its animated glory?

By the way, has anyone actually tried creating some of this show’s food creations? It’d be really interesting to see how many of them actually works and how they actually taste like.


P.S. Stay tuned for episode 5’s fanservice review and do not forget to stay safe and take care of yourselves and each other.