Gleipnir TV Episode 4 Fanservice Review

When in doubt, “Aliens” is the answer

This week clears up a number of plot related questions about Gleipnir. We learn why Shuuichi turned into a monster, what the function of the coins are, why Claire’s sister murdered their parents and the identity of this gray eyed dude who appears at the beginning of episodes. Aliens are somehow related to all of these things.

This week also answers the most asked question in the fapservice community bar none, discord included – “Does it have nipples!?!!?!?!” The answer is no.

You may recall last episode ending with Claire’s sister decapitating Shuuichi. This causes Claire to enter a frenzied state.

The two have a brief conversation about their parents. Onee-chan reveals that their parents were scumbags who deserved to be killed, so she killed them. Logic checks out. Vows to protect her sister whether she accepts such or not.

Claire chooses “not” and tries to off herself, only to be stopped by Shuuichi who is somehow still conscious.

Claire then scrambles to repair his body back to normal. She finds a mysterious guy who claims to know how to do so.

Probably not a coincidence that Claire’s back-ass looks like an erect penis right here. Gleipnir isn’t subtle with the phallic references, to be sure.

Claire doesn’t have the body extremes of other ecchi girls, being neither stacked or flat top to bottom. At least for me, her physique mirroring that of an actual athletic human rather than a idyllic hourglass figured fantasy drives the appeal towards her. Also that she never wears pants.

Alien guy likes what he sees. Unlike Shuuichi. And tries to cop a feel.

Claire is only a ho for Shuuichi, so she declines. Not that it matters since Alien dude has a piece of her hair anyways.

Alien guy is a shapeshifter who can assume the body of anyone after eating a strand of their hair. He turns into Claire.

In a 500 word essay, Alien guy explains the purpose of the coins and that “something special” will happen if they collect 100. He is apparently bored and just manipulating earthling lives for funsies.

Shuuichi is revived in his human form. Unfortunately. Claire shows her appreciation in the form of a hug in a tender moment.

Claire expresses to Shuuichi his importance to the direction of her life. That she is willing to participate in a hunt to collect coins so long as he is by her side.

Adorable. Claire completely lets her guard down here, confessing her past difficulties with finding people willing to listen to her troubles. Now that she has that, the sky is the limit. If only Shuuichi were more receptive to these advances and hugged her or something cool instead of staring into the distance.

We return to the real world school environment where Shuuichi has noticeably changed in personality. Enough to freak out his friends. He’s got crazy eyes now. Signs of character development?

Shuuichi and Claire are off to hunt for the coins like Mario as per the Alien’s suggestion, potentially opening up an adventure full of life or death battles as they meet more hunters.

This episode felt like the end of a season that teases what is next to come. We are potentially in for some tense drama and hopefully a female compliment to Claire who is just as sexy if not even more so. Shuuichi does appear stressed out in the end, so its worth looking forward to whether or not he cracks and changes into a more interesting character.

Claire continues to bring the heat in lingerie eye catches. There are ample panty shots, smug faces, scenes of her exiting the insides of a monster dude accompanied by sexual innuendo and fluid dripping from her body. We know a good amount about her backstory now, enough to form a deeper than surface level attachment with her character, and there seems to be a lot more to look forward to in the future.

As hinted at in the opening section, there are several scenes from this episode that did have frontal nudity in the manga. It’s obvious by now that the broadcast version is opting not to show such. I am not too bothered by this as Gleipnir has shown enough to be materially interesting regardless of frontal nudity. But I’ve come to realize that a lot of the ecchi community, particularly on fapservice, determines the value of an ecchi on the basis of whether or not there are nipples. For those people I’d suggest you ignore Gleipnir as it doesn’t have anything to offer you. I’ll make some effort to avoid the topic for the rest of the reviews as I do like what the show is doing thus far and will continue to express optimism towards the direction it is headed.

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