Tsugu Tsugumomo Episodes 1-2 Fanservice Review

With likely future nude scenes in each of the first two episodes, the sequel is off to a good start.


Episode 1



Episode 2



I’m not going to cover this series in too much depth, I won’t comment on the story or show comparison images from the manga.  With that said, you can safely assume that pretty much every nude scene you see here will probably have nipples added on blu-ray.  Because they pretty much all had them in the manga, and we already know from season 1 and the OVA that they added them there.

All I’ll say is that I was really impressed by how clean this anime looks.  The art/animation quality is actually pretty good.  It’s a solid improvement over the first season, which wasn’t bad.  This is interesting to me because it didn’t seem that season one was any kind of commercial success, but they definitely seemed to find plenty of money for this second season somehow.

It wouldn’t surprise me if we got a nude scene in every episode, or maybe 10-11 episodes.  The area of the manga this season will cover has nudity very frequently.

Obviously we gotta wait for the blu-rays, but so far I like what I’ve seen here.