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Because of server issues, we haven’t been able to publish galleries that work, and (it’s a long story) but fixing this has been a long ordeal with no end in sight.

Because of this, much more content than was originally planned will be posted on our special supporters discord. (Many of you have probably already joined, but I figured it was worth a PSA.) On this discord I regularly post:

  • Manga compilations
  • Anime compilation videos
  • Girl of the month videos



Join The Supporters Discord


All supporters who support at a $5 level or higher can see all content immediately.  All supporters at a $1 level or higher can vote in the polls to determine content.  ALL FREE USERS GET ALL CONTENT FREE THAT IS NOT FROM THE CURRENT MONTH. So even if you are not interested in supporting the site, you should still go over there and get all the free content.

Keep in mind that most of the manga I post are ebook exclusives and are not yet available yet on torrent or rip sites.  They are also in high quality, typically around 1500+ pixel height, and sometimes much higher than that. Sometimes I will also post compilations for some of the really top shelf korean R-18 manhwa’s (highly recommended).

While the goal is to post every anime series compilation video I make on the main site eventually, I will always post it on the supporters server first and in some cases it might be a long time before I post it on the main site.

Each month, supporters can vote on a girl of the month from various iconic ecchi anime.  The winning girl gets a video where I edit together all of their fanservice scenes (including tits and ass sections).  These videos will only be posted on the supporters discord.