Fapservice banner explained!

One of the most frequently asked questions in fapservice comments and chat finally explained…

Hello guys, it’s me Kranesh! It’s the first time I’m publishing in quite a while since I’m mostly the community manager of the team and I’m usually in charge of the official Twitter, but I’m also a graphic designer and I’m the one that made the banner for the site!

We’ve seen countless of people asking about the girls in the banner, who they are, what are they doing there and such. So I’m here to answer some questions since I was the one who conceived this idea, so let’s begin shall we?

-The design philosophy:

I wanted to have a banner that could showcase the two faces of Fapservice, which are:

  1. Sexiness
  2. Uncensored content

So I ended up making a banner with two sides, one with the girls covering their breasts and the other one with their breasts exposed, it’s a really great contrast and it embodies what our content is on this site.

Also the girls are lined up to complement each other, giving a sense of balance, something really important when you’re making a banner like this one.

-The girls:

Now here is the most important part, who are the girls and why we picked them:

-All of the girls displayed in the banner are the most (or one of the most) important girl in their show, they can be considered Queens of the Ecchi genre with unmatched popularity and with some of the best scenes as well, the rest of the Fapservice team also voiced their ideas about which girls should be included and that’s why we ended up with these two banners.

-Here’s a list of all the girls in the banner and what makes them special in no particular order:


Chifusa from Manyuu Hikenchou:

Probably one of the most famous girls in the Ecchi genre and one of the favorites of the team, her anime is one of the best ever made for the genre so there was no way we could leave her behind, if you have no idea who she is or what her show is about then what are you doing with your life?



Amaya Haruko from Maken-ki:

Another girl well known for her sexy scenes and for her anime, being one of the MC’s of Maken-ki was more than enough to put her on the spotlight and her scenes were fantastic in both seasons of the show, one of the best girls of the Ecchi genre without a doubt.



Satellizer from Freezing:

One of the main characters of her show and also a badass with a cute side, she has many memorable scenes and Freezing is a really good show that combines Ecchi with action and a great plot, there was no way we could leave her outside the banner.



Chisato from Shinmai:

The sexy aunt we wish to have, she’s one of the best girls without a doubt from Shinmai and she has really high quality scenes in both the anime and light novel, she might be a secondary character but she deserved the recognition in our banner.



Rias Gremory from Highschool DXD:

Probably one of the greatest Queens… nay, an Empress of the Ecchi genre, you can’t even say Ecchi without mentioning her name first, words cannot describe her perfection and she doesn’t even need a reason to be in the banner, it was an obligation considering the powerhouse she is.



Anna from Shimoneta:

An unforgettable insane woman, she stole the spotlight in her show many times considering the things she did and what kind of character she was, such legendary character needed to be part of the banner without questions.



Suu from Monmusu:

The adorable little slime with a maleable body, sure there were other characters in the show that deserved the spotlight in the banner but she made a perfect fit considering her overall pose in the images I’ve found and how her body can become sexier than the majority of the girls in Monmusu, a personal favorite of mine who was widely accepted by the rest of the Fapservice team.



Lala from To Love-Ru

One of the girls that define the genre, she needed to be included in the banner as well without questions considering how great To Love-Ru is and also because her scenes are always top quality there, a legend among legends.



Sagiri Yuuko from Triage X:

A true badass titty monster, she one of the characters with the largest bust out there and she made some of the best scenes in Triage X, a truly memorable character that needed to be included in the banner without objections.



Mio from Shinmai:

One of the MC’s of the show and also one of the sexiest as well, just like Chisato, her scenes are equally memorable and hot in both the anime and light novel, her design is also overall sexy so we couldn’t leave her behind as she is a Queen of the genre.



Koneko from Highschool DXD:

Now this is an interesting case, Koneko is without a doubt a great character in Highschool DXD, but her addition to the banner was mostly a request from an user… or was it because of a bet? Can’t remember correctly but she gives a really good contrast with the rest of the girls.



Selnia from Ladies versus Butlers:

Who can forget these epic drills and epic breasts? Ladies versus Butlers was a really enjoyable anime and one of the hallmarks of the genre, her scenes were very sexy and she is a classic character that complements the banner in a really good way.



And that’s pretty much what we have to say about the banner, why these girls deserve to be there and the concept behind it, hope this post serves as a future reference for newcomers and veteran members of the community alike so they can identify the girls of the banner and learn why all they’re all great in their own accord.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!


P.S. Thanks to the user killerton in the comment section about the idea for this post!