Niramare x Twister Game Scans

Girls playing Twister in short skirts, oh my…

Talk about coming across something different while searching for pools with posters.  …  A doujinshi artbook full of panty shots of girls in short skirts playing Twister!

From J-LIST:

Legendary hentai illustrator Murakami Suigun continues his great series titled “girls who stared disapprovingly at you while they show you their panties.” In this book we get to see the girls in various costumes such as school uniform, cheer girl, school swimsuit, bunny girl, and more, while playing twister and frowning at us while we look at their panties. 42 pages, all full color.

Reminds me of 40-hara and Opantsu but without as many disgusted faces.  🙂

Unfortunately, only 12 of the 42 pages were included in the pool.  Fortunately, it seems you can still buy it from the link above.

If you have more information about Murakami Suigun, please post that in the comments as well.

In the meantime, please enjoy the scans of Niramare x Twister Game as found on


You can find the pool here:

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