Fapservice Twitter hits 2k followers

Here’s a video you might enjoy as a way of saying thanks!


Kranesh works hard to update the twitter for our site and his passion really comes across with twitter entries that look as good as the articles on the site do themselves.  While most of what happens on our twitter will be notifications about new site content, occasionally we might mix in a bit of twitter exclusive content to keep things interesting.  This will especially be true when our twitter account hits various milestones.

In this case, we celebrated the twitter account reaching 2k followers by posting a video.  The video is effectively a “pure boobage” section for all the Yuuna-san media we have uncensored so far (3 OVA, 4 BDs).  The complete project is at least 3-4 months away, perhaps much more depending on scheduling.  This video will help tide things over until then, as a thanks to everyone who has helped support our twitter by following.

We aren’t really sure which milestones will get extra rewards like this in the future, but it is something we plan to implement more in the future and every new follower will help contribute to the next little fun thing we do.

Thanks to everyone that has followed already.  We hope you enjoy the video.  And as far as videos for the actual site, don’t worry, this hasn’t been forgotten about.  There are some projects currently in the works.