Yuusha ni Zenbu Ubawareta Ore wa Yuusha no Hahaoya to Party wo Kumimashita! manga fanservice compilation


Today is the day to honor the most beautiful women in the world. Mothers.



Since today is mother’s day it is the perfect day to do a comp of this now. The series started publishing in December 2022 on Comicwalker’s website for free with volume releases being uncensored and is still on going as of now at three volumes currently. Initially the series started as a Web novel by Yassan Ishino till it got picked up to be adapted into a manga with art by Makoto Kuon. It has so far sold really well with it even being brought up that it had sold out stock issues at one point. Currently the latest number had it at 350k+ sold so far for the manga. Just last month a LN adaption has started as well with volume 1 releasing alongside volume 3 of the manga. The LN also having the same artist as the manga. Hopefully the success of this brings about an era of content of older women in manga and anime more often.

This is an isekai story but it does a lot of things different from other isekais and ends up being far better as a result. The main character is 42 and has a wife and kid but ends up dying and getting reborn in another world but keeps his memories of his previous life. As a result he only wants women his own age so even though he is in the body of someone younger he wants older women who are closer to his mental age. In the world he gets reborn in, woman become deemed unwanted once they become adults. This is partially due to the limited lifespan in the world which makes women in their 30s be classified as grandmothers. This also results in men not wanting their wives anymore when they become 17 and wanting to replace them with someone younger. This makes the main character an outliner in the world due to him wanting all these unwanted women.  To give you a quick summary of the overall plot as of now:

When the main character Celes is a kid he even askes the mom’s of all his friends to marry him which they regard as him just being a kid and not serious. As he grows into a teenager him and his childhood friends form a party and go out to kill the demon lord. However his friend Zect is the hero not him and the leader. Eventually Zect and all the other girls in the party decide to throw Celes out no longer wanting him with them anymore. He leaves without putting up a scene and decides to just go off on his own. This leads to him checking out a slave market where he discovers Shizuko the mother of Zect now being sold. She being the first person he ever fell in love with as a kid. He buys her to free her and finds out she was sold by her husband because of his debt. Celes doesn’t want her to be his slave but his lover instead. She thinks he is joking at first till she discovers he is telling the truth and eventually falls in love and marries him having finally found happiness that her husband didn’t even give her.

This eventually leads to her creating a plan of wanting to get Celes to marry the other moms of his childhood friends as well because all the moms in their younger days had formed an adventurer party together as well and were some of the strongest and highest ranked adventurers around and during this time they swore to share their happiness and sadness. Since all the other mom’s are in unhappy marriages like she was she wants them to marry him so they can become happy like he made her. Another part of this plan is that once he marries all of them it will mean their old adventure party is back together and they can work on making Celes stronger so that he can become the true hero which will destroy the reputation of Zect’s hero party as an act of revenge against him as all the mom’s hate what their children became after hearing how Celes was mistreated. Eventually he does get his harem of moms all of whom their husbands are more than happy to get rid of and consider him taking their wives doing them a favor so they can get new ones. And with that his mom harem life starts.

The manga is legitimately a very good one and for someone like me who prefers older woman I seriously consider this one of the best isekai manga I have seen. It also doesn’t follow the same format other isekais do. The main character isn’t overpowered or have any special powers. In fact all the mom’s are stronger than him. Any power he does possess as a sword mage is the result of actual hard work he put in. Also the main character is actually a genuine good person and a likable main character type you rarely ever see in shows or manga these days. He isn’t some beta scared of sex, nor is he some drooling juvenile annoying pervert character, nor is he some assholeish borderline rapist, one of those three types sadly being what encompass nearly all other main characters in other manga and shows. Instead we get a main character whom acts mature and actually loves the women in his harem. This manga goes full vanilla with this. He actually romances the moms and shows actual love and affection towards them something you almost never see in other harem series giving them reason to fall in love with him. He doesn’t even want revenge. He outright turns down the idea of getting revenge when the moms bring it up stating that he views everything that happened as good since it resulted in him getting to marry them. All he wants to do is live a normal happy life with the women he loves. This manga is seriously one of the rare diamonds that don’t come around often when it comes to the main character. Probably one of the most relatable and respectable main character’s I have seen from japan and then to top it off it is in a manga focused entirely on loving women for their age and acknowledging the fact that women do become more beautiful as they age not worse.

With the really good sales this has been getting and the fact that we now have the WN, the manga, and now a LN adaption, we could seriously get an anime one day in the future when more content is out. (the wn is 100s of chapters but I assume they will want a decent amount of the manga and LN volumes to be buyable before an anime gets considered). They have even gotten some voice actors for the moms already to do promotional videos for the manga and most of those voice actors have done lewd stuff before. It seriously seems like they are setting everything up to eventually give what would if done correctly be one of the best anime ever made. Maybe a year from now we will have enough content for that to start to become a reality. The high sales and reception of the series in japan also shows there is a market for content of older women. All the more reason this needs an anime one day to help prove that market. My wish is that stuff like this eventually leads to an era where we start getting way more content focused on mothers and mature women. A glorious future to hope for.


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It has been 5 years since I last did a manga comp. Almost forgot how to do them and had to look back at my old posts. Of course it takes a mom manga to get me to return to doing them. Hopefully this does get an anime one day since I will cover it much like how I did mom isekai years ago. I will be the writer with mommy issues.