7Sins Episode I Fanservice Review

It seems we have been blessed sooner than I’d hoped. Regardless of how this ecchi pans out I have a feeling it will remain the ecchi of the season. I’m guessing once it’s all over it will land in our collective hearts somewhere between Valkyrie Drive and maybe Seikon no Qwaser if the hype rolls through. Let’s hit it.

Let’s get one thing straight, you’re probably going to watch these episodes regardless of my opinion simply due to curiosity in this seasons ecchi offerings… that said, I will not waste your time (especially considering how many of you probably already watched the episode).

You won’t have to worry about loading 300 images, webms, or gifs. I’ll be going over basic plot points, areas of quality ecchi and then a final critique of things done wrong or things that simply could have been done better, then a final recommendation.

Given the nature of this project many of us have been following it in some way shape or form for years now, and while I’m still a bit skeeved that Kaneko was removed from the project, if we are provided with Dat Ecchi-goodness I simply can’t complain. Let’s see if it holds up.



First we have…

Upside down crucifix? Can you dig the on the nose symbolism?

liking the visuals so far my boys

MC is a Q.T.

Aika’s fave I’m guessing

Uh-oh, SJWs gonna want this Banana’d because of KKK symbolism…  lol



Legit Depressed, tfw you know there are gonna be moments even in the uncensored broadcast that are censored to make people buy the BD… even though if they just showed all the goodness that would make me automatically buy it…


I can’t forgive hurting breasts

Unless you give me Oppai 🙂  Nipples look better than expected, nowhere near Manyuu hotness but kindov a mix of Maken-ki, DxD, and Seikon’s style. If they are improved in the BD I’m sure my future self will praise this ecchi till the end of time, so either way it will get its dues if it provides us with quality ecchi.

Okay, I’m looking at the hype train.

Now I am climbing aboard the Hype Train.

Yeah, Aika’s girl…

Hell, she’s becoming my girl as well.

God Dayum, just goes right ahead gurl fuck…. Real talk, if this show can keep up like this past episode 1…. IF it can keep it up past episode 1, this will definitely be in league with Seikon regardless of story, I could give a fuck. I haven’t seen a first half presentation like this is a while… and Again, this is STILL with shit being censored for the BD sales!


And she’s going all the way, I am being healed.

Sing it with me now, “You got a Frieeeeeend in me!”

Not liking the cut-aways to Human-chan like I thought… but at least the ecchi hasn’t been replaced with musical segments yet!! It’s the little victories right?/cvc// b …………


This is why You’re a Fan of Vainglory. Dem Fucking Hips DAMN.

This is why You’re a Fan of Vainglory. Dem Fucking Tits DAMN.

This is why You’re a Fan of Vainglory! Dat Fucking Ass DAMN.

Fuck it dudes, stop reading this and just go watch it, it’s already got my recommendation go fucking watch it then just come back here…





Most Based Character in the series right here, my superpower is making you fucking cum. 1Up

I have a feeling she’s gonna be Errone’s fav at one point or another. She’s fucking Lust… she’s the only one custom made for this fucking show.

Frame by Frame for all.

Human-chan.exe has sudden closed, Retry?


Alright, so overall much better than expected, definitely on the Hype Train officially now. Once again, the Train will be coasting at a comfortable 25 miles per hour until we can establish that this show WILL deliver PAST episode 1. We are looking for consistency and for no missed opportunities. I think we got jipped at the end of some content with Lusty, but she’ll be back of course.

Art was consistant throughout in my opinion and is certainly decent overall. Hoping some things get upped like the nipples in the BD releases, but we will have to wait on that shit.

Reminder that I am trying to get this bullshit out as quickly a possible, meaning we are at the mercy of whatever shitty videos are released first, you feel me?

Overall this episode was like a demo for a PS4 title, it looks promising at first, but we will have to see if it can deliver on all fronts going forward for the length of it’s run.

I have to give it credit though, maybe I’m just so fucking desperate for good ecchi I will cling to anything that shows promise, but if this show can Hold Up and push some envelopes…  I can Definitely see it reaching heights like Seikon’s level by the end, and CERTAINLY if the BD specials can pull some Manyuu-tier magic in terms of ridiculous breast-play and naughtiness. At the very least it has appeared to do what shows like Monster Musume have done… which is learn a couple lessons from greats of the past like Seikon. Overall breast design seems Kaneko inspired ala VD, and I even think I saw a tiny nipple erection in there. Take from the BEST, that’s what I say, and we are all the better for it perversion-wise.



This Ecchi has officially gotten my Marvin Gaye: Seal of Love Making Approval… for now. Also, the white-haired Vainglory in the beginning of the ED…

EVERYTHING I HOPED FOR! major Kagefusa vibes… Dat leg spread, dead…

God Dayum I cannot wait for some BD shenanigans…  the struggle begins.

and of course if you couldn’t tell by the blatant fucking censorship… I have a feeling the ED is gonna be de-censored in the BD releases………

You’ll find bitching stiches from this ecchi in the chat I’m sure, as well as the Discord boards, give props where due. Credit to Scissors for finding the first torrent link the quickest.

For you obsessive fans out there like me who prefer to make our own stitches and screenshots, you might as well fucking wait for all the BD torrents to come out before harvesting. This shows definitely gonna change shit so there’s no point in wasting time on it now, just giving a head ups.

Hey, never know, IF it delivers, you could always buy a copy too, hell, I’ll post my own god damn receipt when the time comes. I’m no scrub.


The following video is unlisted, don’t fuck us over by sharing it recklessly or posting any fucking comments…