7Sins Episode IV Fanservice Review

After a stellar showing last week, 7Sins has finally got me on its Hype Train… but with Hype comes the potential for massive disappointment. How well does 7Sins fair in its 4th outing? Especially since Greed takes center stage this episode…

Brief recap of Based Pole-Dancing from last episode.


To be honest Lust wasn’t even my favorite part about that episode (well not directly at least), I thought Envy getting Hot from Lust’s powers was probably the best image from the show so far, next to Vainglory that is…

Moving onto this week with Hype in my soul…

Harry Potter?

No, Berserk apparently…

I love jealous bitch Envy, just look at that face

Something about her outfit though, I feel like revolting against it for some reason, in my soul.

Okay, I know nothing about angels, demons, the occult etc….. but is this idiot really going to touch one of GREED’S coins?

See look! Right here in this moment Envy AND Pride realized HC fucked things up for everyone…

And they were trapped predictably.

Still can’t tell who has bigger titties, Greed or Vainglory. Gonna guess maybe Greed due to the whole “I want everything” angle.

If this don’t look like Dark Souls… DS1, not “world is dead” DS3.

there we are

Thank god for Hammer Space

Where were you when Greed’s perversion topped Lust?

God damn….  like a washed-out hooker from Fear and Loathing, Pride gets the bill.

We already established don’t fuck with Greed’s shit…. and HC fucks with more of Greed’s shit.

And HC gets predictably shook

How can HC even compare?

Oh shit wait a minute………..

I’m not gonna spoil the next scene, but I like, mostly… it ain’t Seikon that’s for sure, but you motherfuckers gotta understand I’m taking all the nips I can get after this drought.

Missed opportunity, hell yes, but with how cut and bastardized even the uncensored version of this show is airing as, who the fuck knows what the final product will be like, if it is edited or shows more….

We simply don’t know what the fuck we will get until the final BDs, and that’s infuriating.

okay, I don’t understand Japanese, but like many longtime anime fans I’ve developed a sortov 6th-sense when it comes to “mostly” understanding a scene even without subs, and if earlier scenes are any indicator… either Greed is using bitches to inadvertently raise demon spawn, using “mom” energy to power evil shit, or they are literally in a dream world taking care of things that they “think” are their dead babies…. especially since HC looks so visually disturbed.

I guess she could also be giving women the “illusion” of what it would be like to have a baby in the first place, OR giving sterile mothers a chance to experience motherhood… either way you look at it however, that’s just bad feels, especially for an ecchi.

Yeah, sorry 7Sins, your not doing yourself any favors by having fucking ecchi right after seeing images of crying women holding fake babies.

I’m really trying not to go SJW-retard here, but that shit just left a bad taste in my mouth. I’m a pervert, sure, but I’m not fucking Satan for god’s sake……..


moving on hopefully…

I will admit this scene did win me back a good deal simply due to the comedy.

Here’s an idea, more of this 7Sins, less of…

^ This…

^ More of This…

and DEFINITELY more of this shit please, I think this is the first “legit” ecchi lactation since Kagaku na Yatsura 4 years ago. And I mean “legit”, not Monster Musume tree sap or whatever the fuck happened with the MC and plant-bitch.


Like fuck dude, this shit has me so hype for her special…. well, the uncensored ones coming months from now, cause the broadcast censoring in this show so far has been near Manyuu levels of bad. It’s almost pointless to watch it in this form, your getting spoiled, but not with the best ecchi you know?

Glad to see Vainglory’s statues match her endowment…


And with that another 7Sins episode comes to a close, could have done without the fake baby creepiness, but Greed’s lactation still has me hype, at the very least for this show’s specials. It would seem Kaneko’s lessons are alive and well in this show, but unlike Kaneko himself, this show’s director seems torn between trying to tell an actual story, provide meaningful ecchi, AND give each episode a sortov weird fucking moral story near the end.

Look at last episode with Lust, Pride basically gave a fucking sociology speech about sexual relations while being fucked by tree tentacles… definitely a weird combo.

This show seems confused about what the fuck it is, and the ecchi is suffering. Still hype, but not so much for the episodes as I am for the specials…

I think we may have another Manyuu on our hands; A show that fades off into nothing by the end, but is saved by legendary specials and uncensored goodness in the BD releases…


Quickly becoming best girl…. glad Pride set her straight.



God I love Pride’s fucking badass nature, Stay thirsty my friends.


Posting my uncensored link as well as the YouTube Special when it is released…