Agent Aika fanservice compilation (created by delmogeny)

Aika Sumeragi accepts the dangerous mission of locating and obtaining the mysterious Lagu, during her mission she gets caught up in a plot for world domination by a mad scientist and his army/harem of gorgeous henchwomen.

Agent AIKa is a series of OVA’s produced by the now defunct Studio Fantasia in 1997. The series is well known for its copious amounts of fan service, specifically the camera angles focusing on the white panties worn by the many female characters that populate the show. The first OVA came out on April 25, 1997 and the seventh and final outing dropped 2 years later on April 25, 1999. Directed by Katsuhiko Nishijima who also directed Megami Tengoku, Honoo no Labyrinth, Najica Blitz Tactics, Kirameki Project, AIKa R-16 and most recently Nozoki Ana. He also created and directed most of the entries of the Project A-Ko series. Noriyasu Yamauchi served as Character Designer and assisted with Animation and Episode Direction, Yamauchi also designed the characters for Megami Tengoku, Honoo no Labyrinth, Najica Blitz Tactics, Stratos 4, AIKa R-16 and AIKa ZERO.

This was a exclusive that I posted in June of last year, I hadn’t planned on posting it here since it was fine as an exclusive to that page. But more importantly Wizard already compiled this and the prequels all in one neat Compilation back in 2014. Unfortunately my channel has been deleted and this particular compilation lost that neat exclusivity it had. Also this is the only one of my exclusives that I still have a copy of as the few others have been lost, so I figured it could work as content until Keijo!!!!!!!! BD rips surface, and then I can resume work on that. And this show recently turned 20 so it’s fitting in a way. Also this is some of my best work to date, this is the 6th time I’ve sat through and compiled this entire series; Every time I’ve tried to improve the scene flow and the amount of cuts and audio bridges. Oh also I once posted on this site a massive post of GIF’s, Stitches, and Screenshots here on Fapservice, but I eventually erased the post as it took too long loading the previews but it’s still available elsewhere and I’ve placed a link below in the Extras section, oh there’s also a mirror to an alternate streaming option down below.

In a way I idolize Nishijima and Yamauchi hold them in as high regard as I would someone like Kimura Takahiro, Bow Ditama, or even Ken Akamatsu. It’s really neat to see that they have have served minor positions on many great fanservice rides in the last decade. Their work as a duo here is their Magnum Opus though, they peaked working on this. Yamauchi providing the lovely character designs, and Nishijima with his godly angles and a firm commitment to showcasing perfect asses that made the series stand out. There are some great moments in some of their other collaborations and solo outings but this was never topped in my opinion. Is this show perfect? Hell no! There’s flaws aplenty but it’s scenes have stayed in my mind for years and it is without a doubt my personal favorite ecchi entry. My username is straight up the name of the army of drop-dead gorgeous ladies that stand in the protagonist’s way. I love the Delmos, they’ve managed to leave a long-lasting impression on me with their sexy outfits and their *ahem* assets. Even though most of them have short-lived appearances and many are un-named. My particular favorite always has been the Golden Delmo Rie Petoriyacowa… after learning of Studio Fantasia’s demise it dawned on me that there would most likely never be a sequel with more of the Delmogeny. I’d been holding hope for years that hopefully something would be revealed on the 20th Anniversary… but alas April 25th went by just like any other day… Anyway if I hadn’t seen Agent AIKa back in the day… well particularly Trial 6. I don’t think I would have gotten so into ecchi anime to the point that I would end up compiling fanservice scenes one day.


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Delmo Fanservice Highlights
Rie Petoriyacowa Scenes
Delmo Corps Caps (GIF’s, Stitches, and Screenshots)
Rie Petoriyacowa Caps (GIF’s, Stitches, and Screenshots)
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