Akiba’s Trip: The animation 2nd PV released.

The only correct way to fight your opponents.


A second PV was released today for Akiba’s Trip the animation which airs next month on the 4th. The PV shows some more fanservice than the previous one and even includes some cameos from other characters in the series.


Screenshots and webms


Lolis like chocolate bananas.

Topless but how far will it go. Will we get actual nudity or will it remain blank breasts.

Plenty of women in need of losing their clothes.

Pantys as well.

Pretty sure this is the Pool the famous one from various jav titles. There was a pic last month in which the cast posed with a sign at the Pool so I guess that means an episode will take place there at some point.

A brown loli that needs to lose her clothes at some point as well. Actually I’m just going to assume that will happen to everyone in the show at some point.

This is the most interesting thing from the PV and that is the inclusion of characters from the other games. First we have her who is a character in Akiba’s Trip Festa! which is the game on DMM releasing later this year.


That also appears to be Kati from the previous game or at least as close to her as they can get with this show’s art style. So this means the anime may end up having more cameos of other characters as well. Since the previous Akiba’s Trip is getting rereleased in February in Japan with costumes from the anime included it makes sense for characters from that to appear in the anime so maybe we will see more of them as well if only briefly.┬áConsidering Akiba’s Beat just recently released it wouldn’t be surprising if they put characters from that in as well plus more from the DMM game which is supposed to start sometime this month.



I’m going to assume they are fighting over the single NES Mini the store got in stock obviously.


Even though the series is more comedy focused than fanservice it looks like it will at least still give us some nice things fanservice wise in the process. Who knows what Winter season will bring for fanservice content but at least this will deliver us some one way or another even if non nude.

Ironically enough I happened to be working on a fanservice compilation for the manga for the previous game when this PV released. In fact I planned on posting it either today or tomorrow but I decided to delay it to post this instead. So expect that in the next few days. As if anyone actually sees these invisible messages anyway.