Akiba’s Trip: The animation fanservice review episode 1


Winter season starts with removing clothes.


Probably the best show for fanservice this season has now started. Since the anime is an original story based off the series that means even if you haven’t played the games you still can watch the show without issue. The only thing you could miss out on is that there might be some minor references or cameos from characters from the games that those who did not play the games would not understand (for example the opening from the previous game was playing on one of the tv screens in the background during one scene). Besides that the story of the anime is unrelated to the games so its one of the few times a show based on a videogame doesn’t really require previous knowledge of the games. With that said hope you like underwear because you will be getting plenty of it from this show.



Some pics from the OP. Now to start the episode.


Akihabara filled with maids trying to hand you flyers.

The main character Tamotsu upon arriving in Akihabara is pestered by someone selling art. Similar to those npcs in the game that do the same thing to you trying to make you buy something useless. I have no idea if this is something that is actually a problem there in real life or if this is just supposed to be a running joke in the series.

As opposed to the game where you can just say no enough times that you get to beat them up to get them to leave you alone the main character here instead decides to use his Neetness to scare them away..

Eventually the main character’s sister Niwaka is able to find him as they came to Akihabara together and asks him to go with her to get the manga she came for.

In the middle of this they see a girl fall from the sky before warning them to leave and that it is not safe in Akihabara.

Its just raining waifus from the sky in Akihabara.

After giving warning the enemies of the show appear and a fight begins.

Disappointingly she did not yell Falcon Punch before doing that. After a bit of fighting we finally get what people are watching the show for.

The main girl Matome rips the clothing off of the leader of the group that appeared and realizes that she isn’t the real leader and just another lower ranked enemy. Everyone else stares believing it to be some kind of show.

After being accused of putting on a street performance without filing the paperwork by the group that serves as sort of a voluntary police I guess you could say the main girl leaves in search of what she is looking for.

Notice it? The screen is advertising Akiba’s Trip Festa! the DMM game.

Afterwards the main character and his sister discuss that show they just saw only for the sister to suggest it might be real and having something to do with the online rumors about Akihabara. According to rumors online people in Akihabara are being turned into something called a Bugged One with those turned gaining increases in strength but also go crazy and attack others and try to infect others similar to a zombie or vampire.

The main character’s sister than suggests going to a cafe that is currently having a collaboration menu (you know the things I would always post in the comments sometimes). Tamotsu than gets a call telling him the figurine he is searching for has been found and he runs off telling his sister he will go with her tomorrow.

NEET life is best life as you never have to work.


Upon finding the figure he wants it is taken by Arisa first a girl whom also has interest in the same series the figure is from. In other words a girl weeb.

Matome then appears thinking that Arisa is a Bugged One and attacks.

After damaging the figures while trying to attack Arisa this causes Arisa to fight back in anger leading to them both crashing out of the store and Arisa being chased by her.

Its doesn’t just rain waifus from the sky in Akihabara it pours.


After they run away Tamotsu overhears talk about how an explosion also just recently happened at the same place his sister was headed earlier and heads there to find her.

Upon getting to the cafe he is attacked by people acting like zombies until..

Matome shows up to save him by stripping the people about to attack him.

After finding his sister knocked out he is attacked again and Matome saves him once more and chases after his attacker.

When staying behind to watch his sister he sees Arisa appear from a vent in different clothes revealing that Matome stripped her of them earlier and then apologized after realizing she wasn’t a Bugged One. Curious as to what she meant Arisa followed her and saw she was heading to this cafe. The main character than leaves Niwaka to her to watch while he goes to help Matome.

The main villain group is thus introduced for the first time with the only thing revealed so far is that they want to rule Akihabara and humanity. Matome is also called a traitor to their group and the leader gives orders to catch her


As she is getting beaten the main character arrives to distract them allowing her to break free.

Had to go frame by frame to catch that brief panty.

As the leader is about to kill her Tamotsu gets in the way getting stabbed instead.

After escaping with Tamotsu injured and dying Matome realizes she must save him by performing a ritual called Transend Providence which will save his life but with some side effects. In other words he becomes just like her and gains new strength as a result.

Super lewd time and probably the best scene in the episode.

The group from before finds them and the fight continues. But with the main character now joining in with his new strength.

After having watched Matome strip everyone she fights he realizes that is how to beat them and is their weakness. Interestingly enough this is somewhat different from the games. In the games it is sunlight that the enemies are weak to and why their clothes must be removed but here it is air. I’m guessing they did this change for the show so that there can be fights inside buildings or night because by using the whole sunlight weakness thing it kind of limits the places fights could take place since there would have to be sunlight around.

After beating a few of them the fight then moves to outside where he fights the rest of the large group.

Kind of annoying the brown girl is wearing that kind of bra. It made it look like she was fully nude when he stripped her but in reality we just couldn’t see it. After beating the lesser enemies it is then time to fight the “boss” of this episode I guess you could call her.

Having been stripped and beaten she turns back to normal which will probably be a plot point later on that will be explained. Also it is nice having a main character that doesn’t freak out at the sight of a naked woman and instead acts the way most of us would and stare.

Like before everyone just thinks the whole thing was a show and that nothing is wrong.

Hand holding is always necessary to get things even lewder.

Matome tells him that he must now help her fight due to that ritual she performed earlier and that his life is now changed. The main character is not worried about it and willing accepts his new fate but first wants to help her get new clothes and so he grabs her hand to take her to a store to get new ones.


And with that the first episode is over. Since it is only the first episode the story will of course not be fully understandable. Future episodes will probably go into greater detail on who the people attacking Akihabara are and why the main girl is fighting them. So as a result everything in this first episode would have felt random but that is only temporary as the more important details will obviously be revealed as time goes on and who the other characters are.

Since this winter season looks to have very little in fanservice content this will most likely be the main show for this season to rely on. I would say the chances for any actual nudity will probably be low since the artstyle doesn’t really feel like the kind that would give us any. So even if the show only gives us underwear and blank breasts its at least better than nothing and there is always a chance we could hope to be given a surprise of nudity at some point even if that chance is unlikely.

The main thing to remember though is that this series is more of satire and parody of otaku culture rather than a fanservice show. The mechanic of stripping fortunately does provide us with some but it is not the main focus point. As long as you keep that in mind and don’t give yourself some unrealistic expectations on what to get out of the show you should be able to enjoy it. I would say this series both the games included is one where the more of a weeb you are the more you will enjoy it particularly because it makes the main character more relatable. On that note having a main character like the one in this is certainly a plus as it is a nice change of pace compare to other main characters. Overall you should be watching the show for its weebness with the fanservice as a bonus to avoid setting your exceptions to something the show is not.



Here are some stitches that Sanya made so credit goes to him for these. Click to see the full large version.



Anyway here are some extras that the Character Designer for the show drew today to celebrate the airing.





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