Akiba’s Trip: The animation fanservice review episode 11

Its not a festival till someone loses their clothes.


Hope you like plot progression as that is the main focus of the episode. There is some fanservice near the end during the fight (and I guess you could count some fanservicy items in the episode as well) but overall this episode is the other kind of plot focus.


Pretty much just a reuse of the same idol segment from the idol episode to show them practicing for the Akiba Festival set to begin soon.

Tamotsu is told to put posters up to promote the festival.

The manager back from episode 3 mentions all the stuff they had to do to get noticed finally.

More tsundereness.

Meanwhile they are being watched by the person who looks like Matome.

The previous enemies whom were not actually bad and survived either because they were being controlled or other reasons are still around.

After putting up some posters Tamotsu meets Kage and they go to eat while talking about the festival being endorsed by the government to promote Japan. Obviously this is meant to be a parody of the real life “cool japan” thing the government has been doing for a while.

Being watched by the Matome looking person whom also eats the same food she does.

Later some various things start happening over the city with notes left behind claiming to be from Tamotsu and the others taking credit for them.

The Masou HxH ad has appeared again.

The weekly hidden Acquire-chan appearance.

Tamotsu carrying out his producer duties.

Later Tamotsu and the others are arrested for being responsible for all the incidents happening across the city.

They are taken to a special court in which they are shown all the notes left behind claiming to be from them after committing the various crimes across the city.

Security footage is shown of them doing one of the acts which they quickly point out is obviously not them but someone impersonating them.

Even though Tamotsu and Arisa are in the clear they can’t prove that the other person isn’t Matome since they can only see her back.

Tamotsu says they will catch the people impersonating them to prove their innocence. I’m kind of disappointed they didn’t use this opportunity to do an Ace Attorney parody. Actually the entire episode could have been rewritten to be one and it would have worked out well. Simply make it that Matome is accused of a crime because of the person that looks like her and Tamotsu decides to defend her in court. Then have a bunch of finger pointing and desk slamming and clothes flying off of the rival lawyer when a lie is discovered. Could have it end with the true culprit ripping their own clothes off in anger after being discovered similar to parody the breakdowns of the culprits in the games. Kind of missed potential.

In order to catch them they try to think of where they might strike next so that they can wait for them. Eventually they realize the upcoming festival is what they may try to ruin next.

They catch them as they are trying to litter and disrupt the people whom may be lining up overnight to buy the limited goods getting released tomorrow for the festival.

Tamotsu and Arisa fight their impostors while Matome fights the girl that looks like her.

After beating their opponents they run to help Matome who is losing to hers which is good since this is where most of this episode’s service comes from.

After seeing she is outnumbered she runs away using a smoke bomb.

Since she escaped they won’t have a way to prove Motome’s innocence till Latu appears showing the camera she used to take pictures of the fight since that proves that they each had impostors they were fighting at the same time.

Without her mask it is shown that she has the same face as Motome.

After showing the pictures to the other vigilantes they apologize for accusing them of doing those acts.

So much hand holding in the show.

It is required by law to give flat girls daily head pats.

They then resume preparations for the festival tomorrow.

The next day their group is set to perform to start the festival when the power and lights shut off just as they are about to start (and then they hear two people say “prepare for trouble and make it double” not really but that is what should have happened.)

An announcement is then made by the minister that the festival has been canceled.

The minister announces that after seeing the content of the festival they no longer support it and want to eliminate it altogether since they only want to promote what they deem as healthy to promote Japan. As such they are starting a ban on the city to start tomorrow. As you can guess this is subtle social commentary the creators are doing about what has occurred in real life with politicians before and their hatred of otaku. Also hating on otaku seems to be a common theme for villains in the series since in Akiba’s Trip 2 Zenya said a similar thing about otaku after ranting about how terrible they are.

The Final Boss shown to be behind this which means the minister is probably being controlled which also means they will probably fight and strip her in one of the episodes.

While watching stuff for the festival being dissembled Tamotsu gets a call from Matome asking for help and that she is fighting her impostor and to come to where she is at.

When he finds her she is knocked out and when checking on her she wakes up revealing that she is really the fake and not Matome. She then drains him of his powers similar to how Matome gave them to him in the first place.

Matome gets a message telling her to come to the same location afterwards only to get there and find Tamotsu’s drained body before he falls over into the water. On that note I would not be surprised if we get another lewd kissing moment later on. Since he lost his powers that means that Matome could presumable return them in the same way she gave them to him initially. Considering they are not strangers now compared to the first episode and the earlier comments in the episode about her being in love with someone that would probably come into play in such a scene. Possibly a scene for right before the final battle to restore his powers to fight.



The pic the character designer drew for this episode.



Some stitches that Sanya made.


WebM album



Only two episodes left. I’m going to assume the next episode will be one of those preparing for the final battle types in which everyone gets together to fight the final boss after some drama. Since there are at least 3 female enemies to be beat those being the Matome looking person, the minister, and the final boss we still have some fanservice from them to look forward too. Also it wouldn’t be too surprising if there are a bunch of lower ranked enemies including females that get some stuff also. I’m also hoping we get all the characters involved in fights leading to clothing removal and destruction as well for non enemies. It will either be the next episode or the last in which they explain who the Matome looking person is and maybe something about the final boss. Though I’m guessing the girl is Matome’s sister and it would not surprise me either if the final boss was really their mother. They could also go the clone path as well for the look alike.


Draining Tamotsu’s powers seems like a stupid move. Sure he is now no longer strong but as Arisa has proven it is still possible to fight without having powers and still be just as powerful. Since she does not have powers that also means she can’t die from her clothes getting destroyed so she has no weakness. In short draining his powers really is just removing his weakness which made it easier to kill him. As a villain ease of killing your enemy with them only gaining a slight power boost seems like a better trade off then removing that power but also removing that easy to kill weakness.