Ani Tore! XX Fanservice Review Episodes 10-12

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The final three episodes were broken down evenly between workout time and a Christmas party. Anyhow, my 6 gorgeous roommates have something to tell me on Christmas day. Turns out each one of them can’t stand to be without me. They all want me to be by their side and I can’t refuse a single one! Time to get my workout on and indulge in my new found harem, enjoy!

Episode 10: More push-up training with, Yuu. Also, with a side of prone back extensions. Careful if you attempt the back extensions.


Episode 11: This episode is a split between training with Asami and getting ready for the Christmas party. This exercise is a personal favorite of mine. Asami, teaches us the glory of using Dumbbells to shape up your arms. During my prime I use to curl 70lbs dumbbells. I can attest if you get serious with Dumbbell training expect your arms to blow up. You can also use them to shape up your chest as well.


Episode 12:  Our final episode for season 2. An excellent send off to a great short about cute girls working out. Make sure to maximize your self inserting.


Twitter Sketches: The final round of these.





















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Final notes: What is to come for Ani Tore! is uncertain but, there’s always hope for the future. I’m positive you’ll be getting a bit more service with their Blu-ray specials. As for Ani Tore! here on Fapservice this is the end, at least for now. It was a blast covering this show and it was by no means easy at all. Ani Tore! was a prime reason I began to learn how to use Photoshop. And it paid off big time. Hope all those that watched this season enjoyed. Bye-bye Ani Tore!