Binbougami ga!(Good Luck Girl!) BD Fanservice Review Episodes 01 – 02

Lucky girl with a perfect body in a hilarious comedy with some ecchi?  I’m in!

Anime Info

Binbougami ga! aired during the summer 2012 season although i didn’t know about it until recently (thanks to ScissorMeTimbers for the recommendation!).  It’s mostly a comedy but it still has some nice ecchi scenes mainly featuring Ichiko, the protagonist of the story.

Synopsis from MAL:

Born with a silver spoon, Ichiko Sakura is overflowing with good fortune. She is wealthy, beautiful, athletic, and smart. Not only that, but everyone around her does whatever they can to ensure that her perfect life is not disturbed in any way. Talk about luck! Unfortunately for everyone else, it turns out she is actually sponging up all of the good fortune from them and leaving them high and dry!


On the opposite end of the spectrum lies Momiji, who is a god of poverty. She has been sent to take Ichiko down a peg or two in order to restore balance to the world, and will attempt to use everything else at her disposal to suck out all of that fortune.


Binbougami Ga! is a battle between fortune and misfortune. A battle that will employ verbal jabs, dirty tricks, and odd-ball bets. Will the human with all the luck in the world or the deity with nothing but misfortune come out on top?

Tags from AniDB:

adventure, bishounen, bondage, comedy, fantasy, large breasts, manga, parody, school life , shounen, super deformedviolence

Character Info

Sakura Ichiko: Binbougami ga! main character, she is a super lucky girl who actually possesses an attractive figure, bright mind, and perfect health. She’s never had to work hard for anything, and she’s a self-centered egoist, but she’s also a bit of a lonely person.

Binboda Momiji: A god of misfortune who was sent to steal Ichiko’s excess of positive/fortune energy and restore the energy balance. She’s also concerned about her flat chest and envies Ichiko for her large bust.

Kumagai: Momiji’s sidekick, he can’t talk so he uses a blank book to write, his body holds many of Momiji’s Misfortune items, which she just casually rips out of him.

Yamabuki: Momiji’s boss, she resides in the Misfortune god realm.

Kikunoshin Suwano: Ichiko’s butler since she was a child and the only human she really cares about.


Bobby: A perverted monk wandering the world to exterminate evil spirits. He senses Ichiko’s happiness energy and Momiji’s negative energy so he comes to investigate the city.


Episode 01

Series starts in the Misfortune God Realm when Yamabuki wants to assign a mission to Momiji.

Target is Sakura Ichiko, a girl who is apparently is upsetting the balance of positive fortune energy.

At first Momiji doesn’t seem to care that much but after seeing Ichiko’s boobs she decides to accept.

Ichiko is just gorgeous.

Not surprising that all the boys at school worship her.

Of course, the other girls envy Ichiko.

But that doesn’t bother Ichiko at all.

That Medaka Box reference.

Momiji’s first appearance to Ichiko.  Not bad.

Ichiki just runs for help.  I guess that’s a natural reaction isn’t it?

After all that, Momiji just disappears, leaving Ichiko’s credibility in question.

First bath scene, what an amazing body. 😍

That is some really opaque water…😔

Better way of making an entrance than Momiji’s first appearance.

Suwano comes to the rescue but there was no need.

Thanks to Sanya-sama for helping with this stitch.

Looks like Momiji is really fast while in that spirit form.  xD

Momiji then proceeds to explain why she’s there and what positive/negative energy is.

Quick comparison of what an excess of negative energy and an excess of positive energy does( that DBZ reference LOL).

Quick draw of the normal amount of positive energy of a normal human and Ichiko’s amount.

Ichiko then asks what would happen to her if her positive energy is stolen.

Definitely nothing good.

Ichiko makes fun of Momiji’s flat tits, now Momiji is mad!

Nurse Binbougami looks cute.

Nice ass Ichiko has.

Poor Kumagai! Nice boob bounce from Ichiko.

Ichiko’s luck does its job.

Ichiko tells Suwano to throw out the the trash (which includes Momiji).

Tomorrow is Ichiko’s birthday!

Notice the sleepy guy at the left, he will become important soon.

This “Binbougami item” steals all the positive energy of the victim that it traps.

Suwano suffered a heart attack!

Before  that he made the cake too sweet…

Looks like Ichiko still has a heart after all!

Momiji tells her that since she absorbs all the positive energy around her that Suwano has run out of it.

Momiji extracts some energy from Ichiko to help restore the balance.

Looks like Ichiko has a plan and escapes with her extracted energy!

So those are the effects of the positive energy?  Amazing.

As a child or not Ichiko is really cute!

Thanks to the positive energy Suwano recovers fast.

Ichiko fires him so he can be safe from the positive energy absorption and remake his remaining life in the process.

Momiji is back after a week!

She explains to Ichiko that almost all the positive energy returned to Ichiko after all.

Suwano already got married, that was fast LOL.

Time for the Nadeshiko ga! a section that will appear at the end of each episode showing when she makes a brief appearance in each episode.  I will start looking for her on the next one!


Episode 02

Bobby comes to the city looking for that big amount of energy he senses.

Sleeping guy again?

Momiji joins Ichiko’s class by the name Momiji Binboda.  That Ichiko reaction.  xD

Those fake smiles.  xD

Momiji really likes to cosplay.

LMAO at the fat girl ghost.

Found you!

Poor Ichiko.  xD

Bobby finally finds Ichiko!

RIP Bobby.

A thief?

Nah ,just Momiji inside of a wardrobe closet.

More cameos.

That Bobby.  xD

Bobby tells Ichiko that he has something that will help him with Momiji.

Bobby doesn’t lose time, that is some happy face.


Bobby gives her a Somin Shōrai so she can manifest her positive energy and fight Momiji.

He also made her these clothes!

Ichiko’s imagination of how she will look.

And what she really looks like.

Good job Bobby.  Ichiko looks great!

Human vs misfortune god soon!

Of course Momiji makes fun of Ichiko’s attire.

Moka Momiji!

Ichiko’s butt looks amazing in bloomers!  *.*

And there it is Ichiko’s energy manifestation, twelve chinese zodiac spirits.

More good crotch shots.

Dat bounce.

Momiji is cornered!

Momiji can summon spirits too!

Turns out that summoned spirts personalities are just like the summoner so Momiji’s summoned spirits are just lazy.  xD

Time out!

Meanwhile … poor Bobby.

Momiji wants revenge, LMAO at old Kumagai and Momiji.

Ichiko’s place now has new occupants.  xD

Where i can buy my Ichiko mouse pad??

2 times in this episode?  Damn I missed the first one!




First episode fulfills its mission of introducing the two main characters as well as hinting that Ichiko isn’t as cold-hearted as she seems at first.

Second episode continues to add more of the main supporting characters with our perverted monk Bobby while also starting Ichiko’s battle to regain her normal life and kick out Momiji in the process.


Binbogami ga! was really a surprise.  I didn’t expect to find a lot of character development in a comedy series and some nice ecchi scenes along with really nice artwork in addition to the comedy.  Almost all the characters are likable with the main duo’s (Ichiko & Momiji) love/hate relationship as the main dish.  If you like comedy with some romance, ecchi and feels; don’t hesitate to give Binbogami ga! a try.



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