Clockwork Planet TV Special Edition Fanservice Review Episode 05

Even robot girls on an almost dead planet need quality beach time…

Special edition fanservice review.  Read all about it…


Plot summary from ANN:

Naoto’s a high school dropout and brilliant amateur tinkerer. He lives in a world that has been so over-exploited that the entire surface has become one vast machine. When a box crashes into his home containing a female automaton, it’s a harbinger of change that will rock the entire globe, and give Naoto his chance to be a hero.

Tags from AniDB and ANN:

action, fantasy, novel, shounen, science fiction


Episode 05

It’s a special edition fanservice review of a beach episode. It’s probably best to let the images and video clips speak for themselves without going into a lot of details for an anime that may not be reviewed again.  The beach scene is in the early part of the episode and doesn’t last for long.  And a new robot girl shows up at the end of the episode.


Gotta go with stitches from previous episodes and anime posters for the omake.


Check out the links to AniDB and ANN if you want to learn more about the characters and story.

The dialogue can be amusing at times.  Check out the snaps with subs.

Let’s be honest here.  Watch Clockwork Planet because it’s a guilty pleasure and don’t expect too much more than that.  Both the premise and the plot border on the ridiculous but they are different and unusual.  Kind of.  But it’s the usual shonen tropes mixed with otaku service for the most part.  But if you disengage the gears in your brain before watching, it can be amusing at times, especially the dialogue.  And the girls are easy on the eyes and alpha females to boot.  Too bad they are paired with a beta shōta.  At least he’s a perverted otaku…

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