Crucial details emerge for 7 Sins anime

Good news everyone!

As I’m sure many of you know, Hobby Japan’s 7 Sins anime will air this upcoming Spring season.  What we didn’t know, until just today, was the length and number of these episodes, as well as their capacity for nude content and uncensored status on AT-X.

We already figured pretty confidently that nude content would be in the cards based on some previous images that came out, but we couldn’t say for sure if any of these things would be true.  There was some fear that this might be a repeat of the Bikini Warriors experiment, rather than a more full fledged production like Queen’s Blade or Samurai Girls.

Well, guess what optimists?  Your optimism has paid off.  AT-X’s website has now confirmed that 7 Sins will air with a parental lock (which is their corporate way of saying “uncensored boobies incoming”).  The site also confirms that the episodes will indeed be the traditional 30 minute block format (23 minutes without commercials), and that there will be 12 such episodes.  Basically, this is a best case scenario, especially when you consider how gorgeous some of the leaked screencaps look.  Hobby Japan isn’t fucking around here, they are going to do this right.

The first episode of 7 Sins will air on April 14th.  We’ll plan on having the usual screenshot coverage everyone knows and loves and I also plan on doing weekly fanservice comps for it as well.