Eiken fanservice compilation

The Eiken Club. The activities of this club are shrouded in mystery, all the members are excessively busty, headstrong female students, like Shinonome Chiharu, the top scorer in the entrance exam.

Eiken based on the manga of the same name received a 2-Part OVA by J.C. Staff back in 2004… If you’re wondering which show Eiken is. Its the one where they have insanely huge breasts… yeah that one. Honestly the whole Gigantic Breasts thing isn’t really something I liked. It just goes way too over the top and ends up being more comedic than tasteful particularly the ones on Komoe (the short girl with glasses) are just kind of… off-putting.

My Personal Favorites gals were the ones with the normal chests: Grace Lin the Blonde Chick with the jewelry was great but she barely had any scenes… still that scene with the chocolate banana in Episode 2 is gold, and Yuriko and the Teacher also had great scenes. One particular jarring element in this show was Chiharu Shinonome Voice Acting (by Oshiro Miwa who as far as I know only did this one role) is effing horrible, It actually brings her down and elevates her annoyingness.


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