Hand Shakers Fanservice Review Episode 6 – 8

No-pan FTW.

At least, in episode 8. 6 and 7 are pretty dry. A couple of semi-sleazy shots but that’s about it.

Case and point:

Episode 6

Episode 7

Just another filler episode about cooking.

So close…

Enough with that tame stuff. It gets a little better.

Episode 8

No-pan idol comes in. Now we’re talkin’.

Darn sword…

Screw physics!

Beach episode when?

Some Riri service.


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It was kind of fun to go frame-by-frame during the fight scene and spot any good no-pan shots. Knowing the anime however, the idol chick will probably be gone within the next episode or two and never come back (and/or deliver).

Let’s pray another fanservice character comes in, or even makes a comeback.