Honoo no Labyrinth fanservice compilation

Meet Galan, a Russian geek who’d do anything to be a real samurai. But that’s just an impossible dream… or is it? When his friend Natsu, gifts him an ancient sword, strange events unfold.

This original Studio Fantasia OVA was directed by the great Katsuhiko Nishijima, and featured Character Designs by the one and only Noriyasu Yamauchi. Two men who I am a huge huge… huge fan of. Now you may recognize the Designs as Yamauchi created Ms. Fanservice herself Aika Sumeragi as well as the All-Female Army the Delmo Corps, Aika’s double Najica Hiiragi, Nana in the second G-Taste (The First OVA was also directed by Nishijima), The Pilots of Stratos 4, the Legendary Idol Eriko… among others these two are legends in my eyes. Though they do fine on their own, When they team up something truly magical comes out.

Anyway Honoo no Labyrinth came out in 2000 after AIKa but before Najica. And much like AIKa this takes place in a beautiful world where miniskirts and white panties are everywhere. Yet unlike most of Yamauchi’s work there are no detailed renditions of Guns or Planes. There are multiple small nods to AIKa hidden throughout. And of course Nishijima’s Trademark Shots. As for Labyrinth itself, It’s a great short ecchi series, The Antagonists IMO steal the show Nastassja and Erola pump out the best fanservice. Ooh as for the ending spreads I apologize if they don’t look that great but I’m not very good at stitching. This show only has one shot of Nudity and it flashes by pretty fast it happens at around 8:49 when Galan defeats Nastassja.


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DDL: 480p