Infinite Stratos 2 fanservice compilation

Much to the chagrin of the five girls that already have a crush on Ichika, other rivals appear. Tatenashi who forces Ichika into additional “training” and Kanzashi whom Ichika is asked to team up with.

The second season of Infinite Stratos, Now with more fanservice and unfortunately new characters who steal the spotlight from Season 1’s Quintet. Now don’t get me wrong new characters aren’t a bad thing. But the Sarashiki Siblings take up the brunt of this season. Hell Tatenashi has the best ecchi scenes and throughout the season manages to deliver a ton of Fanservice. While Kanzaki doesn’t grace us with any real good service she’s just there. Oh also there’s a trio of antagonists and the instructors little sister. Yeah I didn’t really care I don’t watch IS for its “gripping plot”. I really just watch this show for Charlotte. Now as for World Purge that is Infinite Stratos at it’s best a tons of great Service unfortunately Houki didn’t get any great scenes in but for the others it was a huge treat watching their fantasies… you know until the Real Ichika ruins it.


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