Keijo!!!!!!!! Fanservice Review Episode 10

If rock-hard asses aren’t your thing, then please turn back.

We’re back to another episode of Keijo. This time the character that we’ll be focusing on is Kazane (seen below suffering from a stomachache from the thought of having to stand on stage in front of an entire crowd; a common fear for humans). Props given to NoxBasket for stitches, as per usual.

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Since no one noticed nor bothered to cover it, I’l go ahead and cover the new parts of the opening from the 2nd version. This was going to be the featured image (aka the thumbnail image), but I went with the Gate of Bootylon one simply because it was more relevant to the review for this episode).  Hehehehe, I can never get enough of this. Yep. The platform this time is 2 planes. Perhaps the most unusual platform in Keijo, I guess? Correct me if I’m wrong in the comments section.   And that’s the name of the four opponents (not that anyone will bother to remember them).  That’s right, this episode has plenty of service for those inclined to derive pleasure from women with plenty of muscle on them! This series really knows how to cater to the right audience!  Earth Style: Rock-Hard Ass Jutsu!

I like this chick’s hair style. It looks pretty sexy! Probably because it reminds me a bit of that one nurse in Skull Girls (though the similarities they share are small). But what in the actual fuck is she saying?  Ew, nasty Faptastic! 10/10

Is that so? I wonder how it would fare against my cannon? Because I was too lazy to make caps of this, what basically happened is that they fell off after losing balance.The only time I’ve seen  her ass look normal. Now if only she would keep it that way. Dammit… Well, looks like she lost somehow in terms of power. Even logic doesn’t make enough sense this time around (apparently the brunette twisting her body in a short range makes her attacks really powerful, which is clearly illogical). Someone please knock her out before she strains her body further. I’m genuinely concerned for her over-reliance on this technique. It’s similar to that idea about using all of your body’s hidden strength, so the toll is bound to be enormous for its use.   Those eyes… Not quite at the same level, but still gave me Kanon vibes.Image result for kanon anime meme Yes, yes, yes… This makes for a great Xmas present. With pleasure.   F*CK! Seriously? They could have made this into a great scene! Well, if there’s anything I’ve learned from Keijo in terms of appealing to fans eager for ecchi, it’s this:  So that was one of her techniques… seems pretty strong tbh. Wonder how effective it would have been had she gotten the chance to use it.  That’s new. And here’s another technique I’ve just now laid eyes on. Are these really old techniques? Although the quality in this ass looks better, it clearly mimics the wobbliness of tits. What in the world were the people that made this thinking? Asses are not nearly this wobbly irl. The more I look at it, the more it looks less human.

 XD this name had me laughing out loud. And this technique is so borderline plagiarized, it’s even more hilarious. For those of you who don’t know, this is based on a technique from one of the strongest characters in Fate/Stay Night, Gilgamesh.

Image result for gate of babylon  Such precision… and open interpretation (for those perverts that take it a step further in their racy imaginations).  That’s got to be a real back-breaker.  Time to rely on sensei! Let’s make this a real game-changer! 

Jesus, I wonder what Kazane’s mental state is like right now. Right after losing against blondie in the elite ten battle, which she took pretty hard, she’s lost yet another battle. Really makes me feel for her.

And now, a preview for what’s to come next week!  Sounds interesting.And here is your end card. Pink haired girl has a rather fine ass, which we really should see more of in the future.

I don’t have much to say. I’m not into writing useless verbiage when the main part’s already been taken care of, so I’ll end this on a quick note. Take care everyone, and don’t freeze to death outside! Ciao!