Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o! 2 Episode 10 TV Fanservice Review

Season 3 please?

Time really flies. Just about 2 months ago, we started off with anticipation of a great Konosuba season ahead, and here we are reviewing the final episode of Konosuba season 2 already. But fret not, I promise to end this review with some great news.

As Kazuma and gang evade the hostile mob, they run into the person responsible for polluting the hot springs. He is none other than the man who appeared to be the companion of the hot elf woman from the previous episode. He reveals himself to be one of the strongest leaders of the Devil King’s army, Hans. Enraged upon getting wind of the hot springs’ overseer being eaten by Hans, Wiz unleashes her true power as the Ice Witch to fight him, while Aqua attempts to purify the water source with the help of the Axis cult.

Midway through the battle, Kazuma realizes that bodies that have not been fully digested can still be resurrected. He then makes the decision to sacrifice himself to create the opportunity for Megumin and Wiz to bring him down to size before Aqua delivers the finishing blow. After the resounding victory, the gang ends up getting banished from the town because there is just no way Kazuma and gang ends a battle without leaving behind some form of collateral damage!

Stitches courtesy of Aikaflip to cap off a great season!

WebMs courtesy of ScissorMeTimbers to cap off a great season!

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I’m glad we finally got to see Wiz unleashing her true powers as the Ice Witch. Aqua and Megumin have definitely gotten stronger since the beginning, as evidenced in the devastating effects seen when they used their attacks on Hans. Darkness is still her masochistic self. Also, poor Yunyun finally got the opportunity to bond with her good friend Megumin. Bravo!

It sure was another great episode to finish off the season. Once again the animation during some of the fight scenes was awesome. I really loved the part where the OP started playing while they delivered the attacks in unison. Really glad that the series finished season 2 with a bang.

So, time to experience the crippling depression of ending a great anime season? Nah, because another OVA is coming in July 2017! And it is to be released with the 12th light novel. Look forward to it!

Despite my super tight schedule, it definitely has been great fun doing reviews for both season 1 and 2 of Konosuba. Well, I hope everyone enjoyed the reviews these past ten weeks and don’t forget to check out this series if you haven’t already done so. It’s a must watch! Trust me!