Mujaki no Rakuen manga fanservice compilation

Mujaki no Rakuen cover

With the reboot OVA almost upon us, here’s a fanservice compilation of the classic manga that inspired it.


Mujaki no Rakuen  (7 volumes, ongoing)




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Similar to Kodomo no Jikan , Mujaki no Rakuen  is an unabashed lolicon fantasy manga that has the guts to push the envelope.  Both manga were authored by women, and I think that as women they had no fear of being accused of age-inappropriate lust, which emboldened them to push the genre a bit further than most of their male counterparts would be willing.  Thank goodness for that – it’s the very edginess of these manga that fuel their greatness.

The lolicon themes will bother some, but after the shock wears off, it turns out that Kodomo no Jikan had a hell of a good story, and Mujaki no Rakuen has been a fiendishly clever retrospective on just how awkward the opposite sex could be at the beginning stages of puberty.

So yes, while there is a degree of pretense (the authors had to know their work would be fapped to by the legions of Otaku lolicons, especially in the case of Rakuen), that shouldn’t diminish what are actually two very well made manga that are fun, compelling, and obviously pleasing to the lolicon fanbase.