Nozo x Kimi fanservice compilation

Suga Kimio finds himself hiding in the girls locker room, unable to move or escape the situation. Komine Nozomi, one of the shy girls in his class discovers him. She blackmails him into agreeing to show each other’s bodies.

Nozo x Kimi is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Honna Wakou, a spinoff of Nozoki Ana. The manga ran from February 22, 2011 to April 15, 2015 spanning 8 volumes. The first OVA was released on August 18, 2014, with subsequent episodes released with volumes of the manga until February 18, 2015. Production was overseen by Zexcs and 3 episodes were produced.

This seems to be essentially a lighter version of Nozoki Ana; Take the borderline H concept out and have it revolve around a younger cast. All in all it was a fun OVA the biggest hurdle for this video was actually getting my hands on the footage… I seriously hope if they continue to bundle OVA’s with manga they switch to Blu-Ray’s, it’s criminal how many great OVA’s are left with these shoddy DVD-RIP’s. For instance it wasn’t until last year that Kiss x Sis finally had it’s OVA’s collected in glorious BD quality, the first OVA of that came out back in 2008… that was a long wait.

Anyway I’ve been pretty busy recently to tackle another long project. But I had been setting aside time here and there to work on Keijo!!!!!!!! however the BD-Rips of Volumes 4 and 5 have yet to surface, so I figured I’d work on something short in the meantime and well this particular OVA came to mind.


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DDL: 480p