Photokano fanservice compilation

Kazuya Maeda enters the school’s photography club. This gives him the opportunity to see several new perspectives towards the girls near him.

Photokano is a Japanese dating sim game developed by Dingo Inc. and Enterbrain, and was released for the PlayStation Portable on February 2, 2012. Due to Enterbrain’s involvement, Photokano is considered the spiritual successor to KimiKiss and Amagami despite having no recurring staff except for Ichiro Sugiyama who was the producer for KimiKiss. There have been five different manga adaptations, and an anime television series produced by Madhouse began airing on April 5, 2013 on TBS and ran for 13 Episodes.

Coming in at third in the poll is Photokano with 258 Votes. This show manages to be slightly unique because of its Omnibus format. Basically after giving each individual character an introduction and establishing the setting in 4 episodes. The show would start and end one of the heroines routes in 1 episode, reset back and start again with another heroine. The sole exception is the main heroine Haruka Niimi whose route takes up 2 episodes. I really liked the idea of the Omnibus format it manages to give the spotlight to each one of the heroines, I can think of multiple shows where many heroines roles are non-existent and under utilized. As for Best Girl I’m split in between the sporty Nonoka, the swimmer Aki, and the gymnast Mai. Oh one last thing there is no Nudity here and the service is pretty tame but I still really enjoyed it.


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