Project A-Ko fanservice compilation

A-Ko Magami constantly dukes it out with mechanical genius B-Ko Daitokuji, who will stop at nothing to win the friendship of A-Ko’s friend C-Ko Kotobuki.

Directed by Katsuhiko Nishijima (Director of AIKa and Najica) spanning four films across 1986 to 1989. Followed up with Project A-ko: VS (Uncivil Wars) in 1990- This compilation features the first four movies. Project A-ko was originally a part of the hentai OVA Series Cream Lemon, Few scenes from its Cream Lemon Days made their way in the movie: Such as B-ko’s bathing scenes in the first film, and the theater scene in the third film.

B-ko develops a crush on C-ko, and is determined to win her over. B-ko’s attempts to win C-ko over fail and remembering that she was A-ko’s rival back in kindergarten, B-ko creates a series of mecha piloted by her team of female followers to attack A-ko each morning. Losing each new and more powerful mecha she creates and dons the “Akagiyama 23”, a powered suit that looks like a bikini. B-ko quickly escalates the fight across the school with no restraint.


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