School Days fanservice compilation

Makoto has fallen for Kotonoha, Although they both take the same train to school, she is unaware of his existence. His classmate, Sekai, manages to put the two together despite holding strong feelings towards Makoto.

School Days aired back in 2007, Based on the popular Visual Novel by 0verflow infamous for its bad endings, which in most cases depict violent deaths. The Anime was produced by TNK and is most known for being generally referred to as one of the “Worst Anime of all Times”, or at the very least somewhere in many “Top 10 Worst Anime Lists”. But I’ve always thought that’s kind of exaggerated. Don’t get me wrong this is no masterpiece, and the Animation and Characters are pretty awful…. not even that much fanservice either, Oh on Nudity the only nude scene in the TV Series occurs at 1:35, and past 7:05 during the section Magical Heart Kokoro Chan OVA there are a couple more nudity shots. And that’s it for School Days but… Actually yeah this show is pretty terrible now that I think about it… NICE BOAT.

School Days starts off by introducing our Male Lead Itou Makoto. Makoto begins to take notice of Kotonoha Katsura, a cute and soft-spoken schoolmate who happens to share train rides with him to and from campus. His not-so-subtle crush is discovered by his classmate Sekai Saionji who takes an interest, and decides to help him get together with Katsura. But after the deed is done, Makoto offers repayment anyway he can. Though she believes he is overreacting, Sekai decides to redeem her obligation by placing a kiss on his lips as her train pulls in; quickly rushing into an open passenger car and happily bidding a dumbstruck Makoto luck on his date.


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