Skirt no Naka wa Kedamono Deshita fanservice review episode 1

Japan once asked Admiral Ackbar for a plot idea for an anime and he said…


Since this has an R18 version just like Souryo did last season you can already tell this will probably be the show for summer that gives the most service. The R18 version offers a full minute of extra content and is where almost all of it’s service is located. So time to start the second show which will hopefully be a long list of similar shows in the future like this.

The main girl Shizuka is going to a meetup/hookup party for college students only. As she stands outside she sees a woman walking towards it as well whom stands out to her and gets her attention.

As she is waiting around Shizuka’s friend finally gets there whom is presumably the one that convinced her to come to the party in the first place I assume. She tells her that they should start looking for men and they head off into the crowd.

Shizuka gets nervous and runs off to the bathroom while being watched by the other woman she saw before who is also at the party.

While sitting at the bathrooms she realizes how hard it is for her to do these kinds of things because of how shy she is around men. As she is thinking to herself the woman she saw before comes over to talk to her.

The woman introduces herself as Ryou and says how she wasn’t enjoying herself either in there and suggests they go somewhere else instead and Shizuka agrees. After all she is more comfortable around woman instead of men so of course she would rather go with this woman instead right?….

They head to a bar and talk to each other for awhile and Shizuka really starts to admire her. I think at this point it’s easy to guess how the whole story is going to play out and why the main plot point of this show is what it is. A girl that is nervous around men meets a woman that she really connects with unaware that said woman is really…

Shizuka being shy really makes me wish they had given her glasses as she would have easily been best girl of the season in that case.

After talking with Ryou some more about if she has a boyfriend she decides to head to her apartment so she can sleep there. Probably because she is drunk at that point and couldn’t go home by herself since it is late.

After getting to Ryou’s apartment she tackles Shizuka to the bed and kisses her.

It is at that point that Shizuka realizes something is not normal with this woman after her voice changes into a guy’s and sees his erection. Finally figuring out that Ryou is really a man. Now at this point in the standard version of the show the scene cuts off and starts back up at the morning after. However the R18 version gives us a minute more of content and shows the following stuff next.

You will never give an oppai loli a belly rub using your dick. Feels bad man.

Further proof that shy girls are the best girls.

This is where the scene and the r18 version’s extra content ends. The scene in the morning is where both versions continue on since the standard version skipped all of this.

Shizuka wakes up the next morning and finds a letter from Ryou telling her to lock the door when she leaves since he had some stuff he had to go take care of. Shizuka then remembers what happened that night and how she got there and the episode ends.


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I would say this first episode was a lot better than Souryo’s first episode in a number of ways. The animation for this seems a bit better and the art overall looks better as well. Though that may be because Skirt is taking a more cute look while Souryo took a more mature look. In Souryo Mio looked like an adult woman in her 20s while Shizuka in Skirt despite being in her 20s as well is much smaller looking. For the male lead it’s hard to judge on just the first episode but I would put Kujo from Souryo as being better so far since he was actually alpha while acting manly as well. But who knows what future episodes of this will be.

One major difference that may really show itself maybe  is the romance aspect of this. Both shows are aimed at a female audience and are focused on romance but the scenarios for both of these are so different that I would give Souryo the advantage for that. A problem with 5 minute shows is that character development and relationship building is hard to pull off with such a short time.

In Souryo this was not a problem since both leads in that were not strangers and had known each other since they were younger and had established feelings for each other back then as well. This made the fast progression of their relationship easier to believe since it involved characters whom were familiar with each other. In Skirt’s case however the main leads are newly met so it’s kind of hard to treat a romance between them in the same way a romance between two that were childhood friends would be. With that said this is supposed to be a romance anime aimed at woman so I guess they will try to portray it that way but whether or not it comes out as well as Souryo will be hard to say.

Another thing I should point out is that I might not do version comparisons like I did in the Souryo posts simply because the censorship in this may be handled differently. For starters there only appears to be two versions of the show. Sure there is an atx airing but the atx airing doesn’t have a parental lock on it unlike what happened with Souryo so I suspect that the atx airing will be the same as the standard since they obviously won’t have nudity in it without that lock. Also and though this could change since it has only been the first episode but it also doesn’t seem like there will be a need to address other versions as a result of different scenes.

In the case of Souryo the standard version had scenes that were literally not in the uncensored version so I couldn’t just ignore those. That might not be an issue here with Skirt since the alternate scene method seems to be something that Seven does (as they did the same with Okusama) and since this is being done by MagicBus instead this might not happen. If there is any kind of crazy or interesting censorship I’ll mention it but I’m guessing it might not be as important as it was with Souryo. Fortunately it is the uncensored version of Skirt that is getting subbed as well as opposed to the censored which is what happened first for Souryo before the uncensored were subbed later.

With all that said this show will possibly be the only show that gives us nudity this season so it is certainly something to keep an eye on. I think many people ignored Souryo last season for a number of reasons but one of them was probably the fact that there were alternatives like 7sins to get your nudity fix. With this summer season however no other shows airing will be giving nudity in their run and if by some chance any of the other shows do by luck have nudity you will be left waiting for the BD. I have never really had a major problem with short shows and the show itself is at least enjoyable if you want a show that gives service far better than the majority of service you get in standard ecchi thanks to it’s r18 rating.

It amazes me how I keep picking the perfect shows for me to cover. When I did Souryo I did a good call since I am the one who does the hentai release posts so a show like that was right up my ally. Likewise this show has the same level of explicitness but more importantly it has a main girl that is shy and shy girls are my choice in waifus.