Souryo to Majiwaru Shikiyoku no Yoru ni fanservice review episode 2

The most healthy thing to eat is…


Unlike the previous episode that had around a minute of extra content this episode instead gave alternate content compared to the all ages version. In other words the majority of this episode is completely different if you are watching the uncensored version versus the all ages one.


The episode continues from where it finished last week. At this point in the episode is where things start to be different depending on the version being watched.

In the standard version we get some inner monologue by Kujo in which he pretty much admits his feelings for Mio. This scene is not in the R18 version and instead we get the following..

After this part it switches to content which is in both versions which is another flashback showing Kujo and Mio back at school when they were younger. Also in case you were wondering how AT-X is versus the R18 version here are some examples (AT-X  using this object censorship though in one case they do a cut instead in which it shows kujo’s face while the R18 version shows him fingering her).

Kujo says how he always saw Mio as an open minded person. Probably a way for him to explain a priest doing this. After this part the episode changes again based on the episode you are watching.

During this part a segment is shown about Kujo throughout life. This is very similar to the method of censorship used in Okusama in which certain parts were replaced with different scenes. Besides the fact that Seven does both there is also another reason for this which I will get to near the end during the credits. In the R18 version this scene instead consists of the following..


Since it’s Easter time he is probably trying to see if she hid any Easter eggs down there.

At this point the episode switches back for the final moments which are the same for both versions. Here are some more examples of AT-x vs R18 version.

After waking up Kujo asks Mio if she has college that day because he wants to take her somewhere. Since she is off that day she goes with him.

Mio sees that he took her to the shrine that he is the priest of.

Remember what I said about the credits? Look at this next part(though not being able to read Japanese will probably impact you knowing what I am pointing out).

At the very bottom of the credits do you see 古川博之. That is Hiroyuki Furukawa whom was the director for Okusama and he was in charge of the storyboard for the censored part of this episode. In other words he worked on that short segment used in the standard version of the episode that replaced the lewd content much like what was done in Okusama. Interestingly this part of the credits only appear in the standard version episode’s credits and are not present in the AT-X or R18 version.


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This episode was far more focused on the service which was good but it really demonstrated how you have to be watching the R18 version because of how different the standard version is. I imagine future episodes will probably do both of the censorship methods we have seen so far with some episodes doing one over the other. Having extra time in the R18 version like in episode 1 and this alternate scenes method shown in this episode. Hopefully the rips of the R18 version start to improve either in quality or at least time since raw rips took awhile to show up.

The show is definitely delivering far better than almost any show has done before and will only get better once the sex starts. Having mosaics in the episode was certainly something not seen too often in a regular anime that wasn’t done for comedic purposes. Most shows have used mosaics before as a joke not because the content was too sexual in nature to show. Oral sex has happened before in regular anime but not to the point that they needed to use mosaics so this show is pretty nice for going that far. I certainly consider this show the best of spring simply because how often do you get to see the male lead eating the female lead out in anime. I approve and look forward to how far they take this show.


No one found the hidden invisible Easter egg secret I did in my hentai ova release article. There is another invisible clickable space here as well. Can you find it?