Souryo to Majiwaru Shikiyoku no Yoru ni fanservice review episode 6

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This week the R18 version has 50 seconds more content than the other two versions. Considering what happens this week as you can guess the standard version replaces the scene with another scene original to the standard version alone. Meanwhile the AT-X version uses the same method it used last week by censoring scenes with a zoomed in angle.


Mio has gotten out of the shower after the events of last week and thinks to herself how she doesn’t like doing the pretending couple thing anymore. She also wonders why Kujo continues on with it since she believes that he doesn’t truly care for her. Also as you can see in the pic the standard version censors the nudity while the atx and r18 version do not.

The next morning Mio starts to avoid Kujo by finding excuses to run away until he finally asks her why she is avoiding him.

Mio tells him that she thinks he is only using her as a toy and admits her feelings to him and why the pretending to be a couple thing hurts her so much and she wants to stop doing it. Kujo then tells her the truth about his feelings as well.

Kujo tells her that he loves her as well and has since they were younger. Since his family had the temple obligations he knew there was little chance of him ever being able to be with her which is why he joined the same club she was in so he could spend those 3 years close to her which would be enough for him.

Mio doesn’t believe him when he tells her how much he loves her so he asks what he has to do to prove it. Mio asks for a kiss and this leads to the next part which is where the r18 version is necessary.

So here is where things start to split in the standard version you get a Kujo inner monologue scene next. Like the previous episodes you get this in place of the scene that is here in the other two versions.

This standard version scene serves a purpose of further proving his true feelings for Mio and how she has always been the only one he cares about. If you are watching the AT-X or r18 version however you get the following scenes next. I will post a pic of the AT-X version and then R18 version right after so you can see the censorship differences.

As you can see the AT-X version is zoomed in while the R18 version is not. After this scene you get this next short part in the R18 version exclusively.

Only a few seconds but this scene is only in the r18 version. After that the next scene is in both the AT-X and R18 version but part of it having the same zoom censorship from before.

After this there is another short scene only shown in the r18 version as he prepares to put it in.

After this it switches to this next short part in both versions.

After that small scene it now splits again from the AT-X version with the R18 version showing the following scenes exclusively to it’s version while AT-X skips these.

After those scenes it now joins back to a single version but only temporary with these following scenes being in all 3 versions. If you are watching the standard version this is where everything resumes after the previous inner monologue scene as the standard version really cuts almost all of the sex out.

At this point it splits again with the following scenes only being present in the r18 version while AT-X and the standard version skips them.

After these scenes finish the 3 versions all end on this same following scene to conclude the episode.

And with that the episode ends with both of them having admitted their love for each other and having sex.


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So we have now reached the halfway point and finished chapter 2 from the manga. They have also shown that they are not holding back on content with this episode.¬†Knowing that makes realizing that we are only halfway done all the more better. This show is certainly something unique with how it is being handled. I feel that some people are passing it up because of it being 5 minutes or the fact that it is primarily aimed at women but they shouldn’t as this show is definitely delivering on the service.

Having a male character that isn’t afraid of women and having both of them even admitting their feeling to each other and having sex really sets this apart from most other shows as it is not often we get something like that. At least for me I consider this the best show for this season due to it being such a unique experience particularly thanks to the r18 version being a thing for the show.


I seriously can’t believe how many people are ignoring this show. It gives everything people have wanted in a show before. A main male that isn’t a pussy and is actually assertive. Two main characters that are actually adults instead of teenagers. And to top it off they actually have sex and show it on screen. This show deserves way more attention than it gets.