Souryo to Majiwaru Shikiyoku no Yoru ni fanservice review episode 7


A new challenger has appeared.


This time the R18 version has around 40 seconds of extra content. Meanwhile the AT-X version uses some static image censorship this time while the standard version replaces most of the episode with another segment.


The episode begins with Mio and Kujo in their room. I’m assuming this is simply another night and not the same one from the previous episode so some time has probably passed since then. Also as you can see from the screens the fingering scene is censored which applies to both the standard and AT-X version of the episode with only the r18 version showing it.

Mio worries about Kujo’s clothes so he asks her to strip them off of him. Clearly he was watching Akiba’s Trip last season.

So at this point after Mio has taken his clothes off is when the episode splits. In the standard version a large portion of this episode is replaced with a segment similar to the previous episodes which is this..

This segment actually takes up the entirety of the sex scene and when the standard version resumes from this part the episode itself is almost over. If you are watching the AT-X or r18 version however you get the following scenes instead.

Now after this point is when things get a bit different from the AT-X version vs the r18 version. I will include the AT-X version pic first and then the r18 version of the same scene right after it.

In the AT-X version this scene only shows what I included in the first pic. In the r18 version the scene does a camera pan starting at their waists before panning to their chest. The AT-X version simply starts and stays at their chest area. Also as you can see the AT-X version for some reason includes a pink hue over the entire scene which lasts throughout the whole sex scene. The r18 version does not have this pink hue.

This part is the first time static image censorship has been used in the show. In the r18 version you see Kujo thrusting against her. In the AT-X version however there is no movement here other then Mio’s body sort of vibrating.

Similarly this part only has some vibrating in the AT-X version while the r18 version you get movement here. Next up is some r18 version exclusive content with the AT-X version skipping this next part.

After these short scenes end the AT-X version and r18 version meet up again.

Much like before the AT-X version has pretty much no movement here while the r18 version does with Kujo thrusting against her some more. Interestingly unlike the earlier scene in which the panning camera only stayed at their chests in the AT-X version that does not happen this time and shows the panning just like the r18 version except just without movement. Next up is some more r18 version content that is skipped in the AT-X version.

After these scenes finish the AT-X version which skipped these scenes and the r18 version are met up again.

The AT-X version of both of these scenes contain no movement while the r18 version shows Kujo thursting into Mio and her body moving while she hugs him. The AT-X version again only shows her vibrating.


Only thing different here is the pink hue in the AT-X version as opposed to the r18 one. Also this is where all 3 versions of the show join back up. Remember when that other segment started for the standard version? After that ends the very next scene is Mio’s eye. In other words like I said the entire sex scene is missing in the standard version.

You know what is interesting though? The standard version does not have that pink hue doing the scene showing Mio’s eye unlike the AT-X version which still has that whole pink hue effect still going on while the r18 version never had that nor the standard version (though obviously the standard version cuts the entire scene in which that hue was used other than these few frames of her eye).

After waking up from her alarm Mio remembers she has stuff to do and has to leave. Apparently she must have forgotten she had college that day since that is where the next scene starts.

Mio tells her friend at lunch the stuff she has learned about living at a temple and the work that has to be done there until she gets interrupted by someone.


Mio is interrupted by someone who overheard her conversation and tells her that he used to live at Kujo’s temple in the past as well and then leaves.

Mio doesn’t know who the guy is or how he knows Kujo. Her friend then tells her that he is Yuki and is a first year student at the school and one of the popular guys there.


He is secretly still watching them afterwards and the episode ends. So I guess you could call him the villain of the show now.


WebM album.


So it looks like they are still following the manga. I was kind of wondering if they would change things up simply because of the rate they were going with the show. The first 6 episodes covered the first 2 chapters so we can assume episode 7 to 12 are going to cover the next two chapters which kind of is odd since chapter 4 doesn’t really end on a conclusion. So I guess they might do something different who knows. In regards to service the show is still delivering so well that it makes others shows pale in comparison. We should be getting more sex next week based on what happens next in the manga so there is still more to look forward to.

I wonder how many people are going to be angered at the new character that has shown up? I was hoping the show would ignore him and just remove him all together from the story since it really starts to have a bunch of drama at this point it appears looking at the manga. I liked it better when it was just a lighthearted story about the relationship between two people.