Strike the Blood to receive several new OVAs

STB news

Eight new OVA episodes are planned for release from November to April of next year!  It’s not quite a second season, but it’s pretty close.


From crunchyroll:


Japanese blogs have spotted an early look at new Dengeki plans for an OVA based on Gakuto Mikumo and Manyako’s Strike the Blood vampire action light novels. Based on volume 9, “Black Sword Shaman,” of what’s now 15 volumes, the OVA will run 4 volumes of two episodes each, on November 23, December 21, March 29 and April 26.


While an announcement of a second TV season would be even better news, I do very much like the OVA format as OVA tend to have better production values than TV and in many cases tend to be a bit bolder with fanservice.

It’s also interesting to hear that, based on the quotation above, they are getting eight episodes out of a single novel (there are 15 novels in the series to date).  One of the nice things about light novel adaptation is that you really never have to worry about running out of material the way you would for manga.  They could make several seasons worth of episodes of this series if they really wanted to.  Which means that for as long as the BDs and novels keep selling, we can probably expect more of this series to come.