Training, Sleeping, and Bathtime with Hinako fanservice compilation v2

Former hikkikomori Hinako one day becomes an anime character. No longer unfit, no longer sloppy– Hinako is a young, busty and energetic girl who is on a mission to help her fellow otaku get into shape.

Primastea produced the first Issho ni Training OVA: Training with Hinako back in 2009 which basically shows the busty Hinako (Voiced by the lovely Mai Kadowaki) Performing various sets of Push-ups, Sit-ups, and Squats. This went on to inspire certain ecchi specials such as Alleyne’s Workout in the Queen’s Blade OVA, also the Maken-Ki Workout Sesions. Hinako then set out to teach us the elusive and dangerous art of… Sleeping, Yes the 2nd OVA released in early 2010 Sleeping with Hinako is basically Hinako in a one-piece wearing white panties rolling in her sleep… for almost 45 minutes repeating various scenes and generally being a huge pain in the ass to compile.

Lastly the best entry in the Series: Bathtime with Hinako & Hiyoko released in late 2010. Hinako spends more than half an hour stretching in the tub. Armed with her new loli partner-in-crime Hinako will also teach you to bathe… and then later get molested by Hiyoko… Good Stuff.Yet for some unfathomable reason they opted to release a Special entirely centered around bathing and use blank nudity. While in Training and Sleeping it didn’t really matter with Bathtime it was kind of a miss. Overall the Issho ni Training OVA’s are a great source of ecchi. I would definitely welcome more.

Changes in this Remake: The Original FC clocked in at around 13 Minutes and 42 Seconds, This new one stands at around 24 Minutes and 22 Seconds, First off with Training the only change was leaving six repetitions of each take rather than four. Sleeping is more or less the same. Bathtime had a ton of scenes were added in. Also the six remakes I had planned are now finished expect new videos next time.


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