Tsugumomo Fanservice Review Episode 2

Chisato’s feelings turn into a giant book monster!


But first, let’s rejoice! Crunchyroll has picked up Tsugumomo! And a shout-out and thanks to AstroNotes for subbing the first episode when no one else would.

On with the review.

Caps & Stitches (download png)

Dat booty.

I’m starting to dig this character. She’s really cute.

They actually slept together. And Kazuya didn’t have a seizure. He might not be so basic after all.


Foot job?

Nope. Just some ball stomping, which they mercifully spared us from seeing.

A random chick from a dude’s fantasy.

Chisato tutors Kazuya in the library.

Chisato wants to tutor him at home like they used to.

But that probably wouldn’t work out. >_<

Kiriha fucks him up for leaving her behind.

They somehow get trapped in the library.


Kiriha goes nopan.

The misandry is intense.

Kiriha gets impatient.

A giant book monster emerges!

Kazuya grants her “wish” to tutor him, and the monster is dispelled.


Next day.

Oh shit…

Lmao, I like how she sneaks a peak.

Pudding makes everything better.

A local god is fueling the intensity of the recent attacks. We’ll likely learn more about this god in the next episode.

WebMs (download)


This episode was even lighter on service than the last, but the hilarity and sharply animated action more than made up for that. I’d rate it at a 7/10 so far. Good things will (hopefully) come if we’re patient for a little longer.

WebMs for episode 1 have been added at the bottom of that review. You may need to refresh the page to see them.