Tsugumomo Fanservice Review Episode 3

Running out of patience…


In this episode we meet Kokuyou, a hungry chick with big tits, and Kukuri, another local god.

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Seven seconds in and we’re already greeted with jiggling—complete with “circus sound effects”, as Luigi would put it. I can’t help but chuckle at these scenes now.

Don’t make it so obvious, bro… Miss Oppais, a.k.a. Kokuyou, is looking for Kazuya. This kid comes up with a scheme because tits.

Back at school. He’s pissed. We’ll see why in a moment.

Earlier that day. He gets Kokuyou to agree to have lunch with him in exchange for information on Kazuya.

This chick can eat.

And she leaves him with the bill…

Kazuya’s sister. Hopefully we see more of her later.

Kokuyou finds Kazuya at school.

Kokuyou insults Kiriha. Now they must duel!

They visit a shine that looks oddly familiar to Kazuya.


Lol, Kiriha’s face.

This is Kukuri.


Back to the show.

Kukuri reveals that Kazuya is a beacon that attracts malison, beings that cause havoc. She asks Kazuya if he’ll take on the responsibility of fighting them. Kiriha opposes.

Episode ends on a cliffhanger.

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Alright, I tried to be patient. I’m going to be frank. I only wanted to cover Tsugumomo for the ass and Kiriha. The comedy, characters, art, and animation have been admittedly good; I legitimately enjoy this show on that level. But the service has been a big disappointment for me. There has only been one pantsu shot, and Kiriha’s B-cups in the manga have been enlarged to a C-cup for the anime. What gives? Are girls with perky handfuls not allowed in ecchi anymore? Can’t we have a little more variety? Everywhere I look—tits, tits, and more fucking tits, most of the time without any hint or exposure of nipple. I’ve had enough with this weak, focus group approved service. Surprise me. Offend me. Learn from successes like To Love-Ru, and be fucking better.