Tsugumomo Fanservice Review Episode 6

Things get a little frisky.

Caps & Stitches (download png)

It’s another lovely day at Kamioka East Middle School.

Kazuya is already about to get cucked by a guy who looks too old for middle school.

Kiriha really is the cutest.

Kazuya tries to get Chisato to tell him who she likes. it’s you, dumbass!!

Best girl goes for the pudding.

She finds an ugly doll instead.

Next day.

Something weird is going on at school.

Anime still does panty shots? Not bad. Do more.

Someone wished for the school to turn into a dating sim.

It was this sad fucker, Ookado Hiroshi. Chisato has fallen under its spell.

Kiriha cutely trying to figure things out.


Kazuya goes to Osamu for help.

To win Chisato back, Kazyua has to play the game.

Good, now fuck off.

Oh yeah…


How did her tits get so big……


That next day awkwardness after you do some kinky shit.

Preview for the next episode.

WebMs (download)


This was a generally satisfying episode. It was never boring, there were a few good laughs, and there was a fair amount of service throughout. From the looks of the next episode preview, we’ll be getting that bathing episode that many of us were hoping for.

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