Tsugumomo TV anime greenlit!

The year 2017 seems to be off to a good start.

For those unfamiliar, Tsugumomo is a popular fantasy themed manga.  Originally it was non-nude in the first volume and slowly starting upping the ecchi levels as it went along.  Eventually nudity and service becomes a major focus, and the high quality art makes it all the more enjoyable as a read.

While very little is known about this project, the caliber and popularity of the manga suggests that a full TV adaptation is likely.

The art is cutesy and good looking.  Both in terms of appearance and in ecchi content, Tsugumomo reminds you a little of Renkin San-kyuu Magical Pokaan, but with more of a harem touch in the story.

This is IMO the biggest new ecchi anime announcement for a manga adaptation since Monster Musume and Prison School were green lit a while ago.  Not only will this be a great ecchi series, but it has a chance to be a good anime as well.

While no production details are known at this time, I’ll go ahead and speculate by saying that this manga feels exactly like the kind of material that studio asread would pick up.  Studio asread has been known to target fantasy-themed ecchi series, especially those with interesting or creative storylines.  Lerche would be a good fit as well, and I could see Xebec doing justice to the huge amount of nudity, if it ends up being them.

I’ve been working on a manga compilation for this series.  It’s still a ways from being done, but I’ll try to put it on the front burner now given the news.