Deka Pai manga fanservice compilation

A very rare manga with a poll to choose my next manga post!

This manga and artist is so unknown, he doesn’t even have a Manga-Updates page. So both the author and manga title is translated using Google Translate. The author’s name, 神田 ゆう 神田, translated using Google is Kanda Yuu. And the title, 刑事π, is translated as Criminal Pi.

There is next to no information of this manga in English, but it seems this is the one and only volume. I bought this manga some time ago from the recommended section on Amazon, which is why I have it in the first place. If anyone has any real info on this manga or artist, feel free to leave it in the comments below.

There is also a poll below to choose which manga I do a post on next. Let your voices be heard!


We have some awesome visitors to this site. First, I’d like to credit user Naota with the title translation and explanation of the pun in the title.

As far as the name is concerned, you can see that the cover provides the non-standard reading of “Dekapai” for it.

Deka is a slang for “detective” sometimes used as a reading for 刑事, as far as I can tell. The “pai” should be familiar to anyone who knows “oppai”.

Deka is also part of the word for “huge”.

So, dekapai is a pun for a detective with big boobs.

Second, I’d like to thank Demondog for finding the authors page on Manga Updates

Third, I decided to go with the name Deka Pai rather then Keiji π or other spellings on Manga Updates, and have updated the corrections to this page.

Lastly, it appears after 24 hours Keep Your Hands off my Daughter won the poll by a hair, beating Zantei Kanojo – Binkan Fighter by only 23 votes. Keep an eye out for the third and final volume of the Mother/Daughter duo.


Deka Pai manga fanservice compilation (vol. 1) (Complete?)


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Compilation of Volume 1

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Full Version of Volume 1 only here on Fapservice

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As you may know, I like to do manga compilations on hard to find manga. That means none of the manga in this poll have complete volumes anywhere. I’ve decided to try something new and leave it up to you to decide which manga I do a post on next. Next time I’ll leave a blank spot open for suggestions, just be sure that your suggestion doesn’t have any easily found raws.