Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon BD Fanservice Review: Episode 4,5 & 6

A political scheme is ongoing but oppai touching is the MOTIVATION!! (^^)/

Episode 4:

Fuyato Honda, the colonel of Mikawa Guard is introduced to the Musashi Academy President, she was being offered to be enroll into his academy. Meanwhile, the students is staying overnight at the academy for their celebration of Aoi Tori confession attempt. XD (A series of things happened there)

With all of its inhabitants evacuated, Tadakatsu Honda (Fuyato Honda’s father) and Lord Montonobu Matsudaira have started a meltdown to destroy the city of Mikawa, code-named the Genesis Project. This prompts the forces of Trés España to attack them in response. Nonetheless, Kazuno, Tadakatsu’s android maid, takes out the forces easily.

Episode 5:

As the earth pulse reactor heightens, Monotobu reveals that he put Horizon’s soul into an android body called P-01s, which has the ninth Deadly Sin Armament, Ólos Phthonos, containing envy. Muneshige fails to prevent the city of Mikawa from being obliterated when he is stabbed in the chest by Tadakatsu’s weapon, the Slicing Dragonfly. In the end, only Monotobu and Tadakatsu perish in the explosion.

Seeing how dangerous the Mortal Sins Arnaments can be,  the forces of K.P.A. Italia used this opportunity to board the Musashi airship to capture P-01s as they see her responsible for the destruction of Mikawa city but they had other agenda to retrieve this weapon. Tori was unable to stop them from arresting P-01s and was disappointed that he could not confess his feelings to her.

Episode 6:

After P-01s was arrested, Pope Innocentius of K.P.A. Italia, the Testament Union president, declares that Horizon is to be executed for illegal possession of one of the Mortal Sin Armaments and to take responsibility for the destruction of Mikawa. Heidi Augesvarer discusses with the other students of Musashi what course of action they must take in regard to it, concluding that they must first ally with Masazumi and stop P-01s from being executed. Meanwhile, Muneshige and Gin gives Futayo her father’s Slicing Dragonfly as proof of his death.

Regarding the incidents that happened, Ms Makiko assigns her students to write an essay about what are they planning to do. Asama Tomo reads the eaasy written by Suzu Mukai about how she first met Tori and Horizon on the day of the welcome ceremony and how they helped her climb the staircase due to her blindness. After hearing this story and Suzu offered Tori to touch her boobs, Tori was motivated to devise a plan to save Horizon and he was hiding an eroge magazine all the while. XD

That’s all for the review, and please stay tuned for the following episode to enjoy more fanservice from this anime!! Last but not least, thanks for reading everyone!! (^^)v