Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata ♭ Episode 00 Special Fanservice Review

Almost a month late but here is the review that some readers were asking for, there are no plans for additional reviews for Saekano Season 2 at this time apart from this one.

Just like the episode 00 of the first season,  it focuses on fanservice more than other episodes, almost all the episode happens in the pool.

We already start the ep with a boob close-up of all the girls. Great to see them in their swimsuits.

Great thighs Utaha has!

Kato is a cutie.

Michiru swimming was really hot too.

Dat ass! 😍

Michiru ass is amazing too.😍

Girls decide to get clingy with MC-kun, too bad he is beta.

Kato is as expressive as always xD.

Mysterious girl changing into her swimsuit?

Back to the pool, Kato can be a bit expressionless sometimes but no doubt she has her cute side too.

My two favorite girls from the show together again. 😍

Always remember to do some stretches before entering the pool.

Love that fang.

Eriri demands more sexines for Kato and she shows an example of what she wants.

More of the mysterious girl, nice bounce.

Mysterious girl was Izumi-chan, what a body she has for only being 14 years old!

Utaha and Michiru keep delighting us with their great butts.

Time for some cousin love.

Eriri is jealous.

Finally Izumi-chan appears in scene.

Eriri time for some ass shots.

Michiru wants to get close to MC-kun.

But she’s stopped by Utaha with some bikini pull in the progress.

I think Kato was the only one we haven’t got a back shot from, there it is.

Utaha time to gain advantage with MC-kun, she’s pure sexiness.

Too bad she was caught!

Pool time is over, now some relaxing in the bedrooms.

Michiru looks great with those shorts.

While the other girls are having fun, Utaha gains advantage with MC-kun again.

Utaha looks perfect in that dress!

That’s some lucky card, wouldn’t mind being in its place.

She really know how to tease a man!

In the end she is caught again so it is time to return with the others.

Magazine or real Izumi-chan what do you prefer?

Eriri cute fang for the end.

To finish i would like to say  that maybe, just maybe, there will be a special review for episode 04 but no promises at this time.


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